Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cataclysm Yay, or "What Are You Looking Forward To?"

Flying Mounts in Azeroth

The moment I started dreaming of the phoenix mount, I had this vision in my head of Dustfire on it in Orgrimmar. At the time, it wasn't remotely a possibility, as back in Burning Crusade we'd just gotten flying and Blizz was discouraging in their responses on taking it to Azeroth.

So what I'm looking forward to is being able to fulfill not only that vision but also to keep my characters in their home cities. I'm excited about the cities coming back as useful hubs, since it just seems right.

Guild Achievements

I like the focus on guilds as lasting entities, it's brilliant, but what I like best about this is that it (at least partially) screws over ninjas. I've said it before and I'll say it again: anything that messes with jerks is a good thing.

I love the idea of guild mounts and heirlooms and pets (though I'm sad Birdy can't partake, as she is a lonely alliance elf) because they're not things you can join a guild just to take and then leave, like raid loot. I've talked before about how I think it's important to keep rare loot (mounts and legendaries) within a guild, and that I support slightly skewed novelty/legendary loot rules to that purpose.

This, however, is a way to give guilds neat things without having to skew any rules to do it. Hard-working players everywhere should rejoice.

Mounts and Pets

I wouldn't be me if I didn't get excited about mounts and pets, though I'm still trying to catch up on the mounts from Vanilla. *sigh at always being behind*

New Gear Designs

More outfits. Nuff said.

Class Changes

I realize there are a lot of things people like and don't like, but I always enjoy when Blizz mixes things up a bit. Part of it is that I'm not passionate about class mechanics and take both good and bad changes in stride (I think the only thing that would make me angry would be something super-dramatic, like changing shadow priest from ranged to melee), but most of what I'm looking forward to is a change of pace and getting to try new things.

Husband asked me if I was excited about the changes to classes and I said "Um..." and he said "You're not going to care unless they make your class prettier, are you?" and I said "That's exactly what I was thinking. I'd want them to give Birdy's aoe some pink sparkles or something." Then he sighed and explained how haste and crit would affect my dots.

Speaking of making classes prettier, I'm excited for warlocks who wanted a green spell for so long! Grats, guys! I'm thrilled for healer priests who get a pretty priest form (chakra), and I'm very nervous about the shadow orbs for us shadow priests -- I don't want it to look like a shadowy poop shield.

What are you excited about?


  1. Well, I am really annoyed with Shaman changes. But I haven't seen the changes for Mages yet. I hope Frostfire Bolt gets a buff or SOMETHING. The spell has remained the same for 18 months. I think that's unheard of in WoW...

    But yes. Flying in Azeroth will be PIMP. I want it. Also, I'm glad for the mastery system. I am so sick of people calling me a bad mage for not using Playing with Fire. It's a horrible talent! You get 3% spell damage increase. At the cost of taking an additional 3% spell damage...

  2. The value of Playing with Fire depends on what you do in the game. If you plan to trade spell-blows with other casters, then yeah, Playing with Fire means you'd better be the more powerful caster to begin with . . . in which case you don't really need it . . . having it just means you'd win a fight faster that you were going to win anyway. So maybe if what you do is PvP or maybe for PvE levelling if you go into zones significantly underlevelled . . . in those cases you don't take Playing with Fire.

    However, if you have someone else taking all the spell hits, like say a tank, natch? Then Playing with Fire is straight up damage boost. And a 1% boost for 1 talent point . . . well it's more or less par. The core, spec defining talents will be better, of course, but once you take them there's plenty of room for the "par" talents ahead of talents that don't synch well with the rest of the build.


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