Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rumor Mill, or "Career Gankers on Zuluhed?"

I got this info from a guildmate who talked to one of the subject's former guildmates, so take this as you will.

My brother blacklisted an alliance guild that only has a couple of guys in it, all with weird letters in their names. They camped him while he was trying to solo Chillmaw. Note that it was a group camping one person. My brother could have taken any of them one-on-one (probably even two-on-one) but not all five. Later the same day, my brother wrote "Sasori Death Gripped me in Wintergrasp today. *evil laugh*" That's how he got their names.

The backstory is this, from one of our newer guildies:
Came across some interesting info about our good friends from Ataksuki.

I was just doing my dailies west of the Tournament grounds. When our old friend Sásuke was up to his old tricks ambushing a horde warrior who had 5 npc on him. So I lend a hand and killed him. So it turns out this warrior knows this Sásuke, and filled me in.

Basically he used to be in horde all the way back from the BC days, and seemed to run a guild devoted to camping and killing alliance on the island of Quel'Danas, so that they can't do their dailies. Then they would set up a website and charge alliance gold for leaving them alone. His previous name is "Ibuki" and apparently around 20 years old O.o

Anyways he was in Dishonorable Kills, then in Jungle before he faction changed. His reasoning for doing this? Getting back at all the horde guilds, and GM, that probably kicked him because he was such an **censored** when he was in those guilds. I don't know whether he will be back to his old tricks to try to camp all the daily spots to do the wow extortion thingy. But I for one will dislike this type of immature bullying by ppl thinking just because they can do some pvp they have to right to push ppl around. But according to the warrior, that is how he likes to play wow.. being a bully.

So if anyone gets killed by them, expect them to camp u excessively. Also if I am on, I will gladly help anyone if they're being a pain.
(The censoring was the poster's own, btw, but I did change a few grammar items and took out the warrior's name just in case one of the career gankers notices this post. No need to cause the poor guy more PVP.)

As for whether I might get targeted, I don't go out in the world that often, so I'm not too worried. If I get killed by these folks, I can defend myself by immediately logging to a different character or loading up my Sims.

See, I don't frustrate myself by trying to get away from an impossible situation. I don't have that male gene that makes guys keep trying. There's plenty of sense in avoiding a headache, so if my killer(s) seem likely to stay with my body, I move on and go back later -- I figure if any camper is willing to wait for me to rez as long as it actually takes me, I win by wasting hours of their time whether they get me again or not.

The only time I was forced to get camped was when I had to be at a raid and a hunter wouldn't let me rez long enough to accept my summon (back in BC). Several of my guy guildmates hearthed from the raid and took care of him, and one rogue who didn't have to raid stayed to camp his corpse (I love you, Tom). I had no PVP gear but apparently neither did the hunter who was camping me. Tom did. XD


  1. This is exactly how I feel about camping, so it always annoys me when a guild mate whines about allies attacking Tarren Mill. I always tell them, "Just switch characters or get off for a bit!"

  2. Yeah, it's a pretty common gene with guys. We're like, "If I can just get in a lucky shot..." or something along those lines.

    To be fair, I once stumbled across an Alliance DK ganking in STV, so I called in a fellow Guildie and we camped him for a good two hours.

    I hate to say it (becuase I have occasionally done it myself), but seriously, if you feel that the only way to make yourself feel big and bad is to gank people 25 levels lower than you, you have some serious issues.

  3. You know what's fun when being camped? Logging out while dead (so your corpse stays intact) and logging back in on another character, riding out to the area where you died, and seeing them still waiting for you to rez.

    At least I found that to be amusing a few times. ;)



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