Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Goals, or "Let's Change the Subject, Shall We?"

I don't particularly like dwelling on unpleasant things, though I can't help it at times, so let's get on to a new, more upbeat topic: goals!

This is another one of those "I'm making a list here because I'd like to have it written down and you get to read it even though it's not that entertaining" things.


Before Patch 3.3
  • Hyacinth Macaw on Birdfall
Before Cataclysm
  • Proper gear on Birdfall and a Perky Pug.
  • Level alliance mage's enchanting until she can disenchant anything.
  • Farm hundreds of herbs, ore, enchanting mats, and cloth to sell to alts in Cat.
  • Finish all tedious old-world, BC, and Wrath things I've been putting off.
Long Term
  • Jeweled fishing pole on Dustfire.
  • Raven Lord for Birdfall.
  • Battlemaster for Plum.
  • All holiday achievements on Birdfall (not just violet proto drake).
  • 100 mounts on Birdfall.
  • Blue proto drake on Birdfall.
  • All in-game pets on Dustfire.
  • Finish Dustfire story.
Real Life
(Meh, why not.)
  • Get book published.
  • Buy a bed.
  • Adopt second kitty.

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