Thursday, November 5, 2009

Farming Again, or "I Guess It's Okay"

I've clocked at least 18 hours farming the Hyacinth Macaw. My RL friend has been going at it on horde for about a month, and that worried me until husband noted that I've farmed more hours per day than she probably has -- he hasn't seen her on much except for raids.

On Moon Guard, I have a policy of skipping over land-bound mobs if lowbies are questing in the area, as well as bosses on ships.

One of the lowbies I passed was a cute human mage named Rynthia, memorable because I have a horde bank named Rinthea. I respected her space and left large swaths of mobs for her.

It was a trade-off. I got my self-respect, but I missed the little beauty she listed on the AH last night.

That's right. I placed an 8,000 gold bid on the macaw I could have gotten if I'd been a meaner person.

I got outbid (10k buyout) this morning and felt relieved. That's a lot of gold and I'd already spent so much time that I might as well keep going.

Husband put it best: "Yeah, it's disappointing, but each mob has an individual drop chance. [Guildmate] decided to farm the fishing mount and got it on the third cast. It just works out that way sometimes."

"Yeah," I sighed, starting to smile but keeping it out of my voice. "I tried to farm Ashes of A'lar, and . . ."

Husband began to laugh. "Yeah, you don't get to complain."

I laughed. "I really don't."

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  1. 10'000g for 18 hours, that's 555g/h. I guess you can easily make that much money per hour so farming the parrot would have been cheaper than farming it.

    And the fact that you already spent 18 hours means nothing. Each mob has an individual drop rate so the next one can drop it or you can never see it drop forever. That's like the people not selling bad stock because the already lost money with it.

    If there is one on the AH and you can buy it, go ahead and buy it. You're way more flexible in how you get that money back afterwards.

    I got mine for 5k... that was a steal. :-)

    On the other side, looting him must be great. :-)


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