Friday, November 6, 2009

Mr. Turtle, or "Thank You, Husband!"

It's my birthday today and while I knew what husband was getting me (since he asked permission to buy it off our guild leader), I'm still pickled pink. Or is that tickled? I dunno, I just woke up.

Husband bought my long-desired Riding Turtle just a few days after my pretty bird dropped. I told him I was set for life but admitted I might be sorry later if we didn't get it while GL had one to sell.

Honestly? My desire for a turtle was inflicted upon me by those bumbly snuggly Kalu'ak. Who doesn't love them? Ever since I met their cuddlinesses, I've had the urge to ride around their camps with them, and now I can! ^_^

I'll admit, the Riding Turtle is one of the most impractical, frivolous mounts in the game. But it's also something I'll never regret getting. It's a classic fun item and a great toy for any kid-at-heart novelty enthusiast.



  1. Cute!! I still am delusional about someday fishing up a Sea Turtle... I wasn't too worried about it till Drew got one :p

  2. Iz a turtle. With a movement speed exactly the same as any PC not on a mount or in Travel Form.

    That being said, it's still a turtle, folks.

  3. Happy birthday!!! :oD Awesome gift!

  4. Glad to see it found a good home. ^_^


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