Thursday, November 5, 2009

Help Dying Kids, or "How to Keep Your Principles AND Help Others"

According to WoW Insider's poll, roughly a third of their readers will buy the pets, a third won't, and a third think it's the coming of the apocalypse.

I voted no simply because I don't pay real money unless a) I'm going to use the item regularly, b) I really really really really want it, or c) it comes with something else I want.

We're going to talk about option C right now. Beruthiel (whom I've decided I love) posted about how people should buy Pandaren Monks to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation because it's a terrific cause.

Taking into account the violent antipathy some have against microtransactions and supporting them in any way, I want to offer an alternative:

Donate straight to the foundation itself.

Just because you may not want to support Blizz's new pet sales doesn't mean you can't support terminally ill kids. They'd just get $5 from the pet, anyway, so cut out the middleman and donate $10 straight to them.

If you don't care about dying kids, there's a good site about available charities called Charity Navigator. They have listings of charities with ratings and great articles about what to look for.

I like the article about how charity execs getting big paychecks isn't necessarily greed, since they could make 10 times their charity pay if they used their formidable exec skills at a proper company.

Neat what you can learn, huh?


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  1. Well, I was a dying kid once. And I have a shiny new Panderan Monk.

    But I am a horrible collection whore. *shrugs* Means no difference to me, as long as I have the dough and the want to buy, I could care less about the pet shop.

    Plus, the Pandaren's animation is pretty sweet.


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