Friday, November 20, 2009

The Beast, or "I Didn't Say I'd NEVER Post While On Hiatus"

A few days ago, I mentioned we were getting a new kitten. Her name is Alice. Her nickname is The Beast. We've had her for four days.

She's like a really long boss fight.

In the morning, I release her and engage. From 9-5, I'm the main tank while husband works. As long as the office door is open, my main job is to keep kitten aggro.

Except that every time husband moves, it's a Taunt. I have to blow all my cooldowns to keep her off him.

/cast Block
/cast Head Scratch
/equip Toy
/use Toy
/cast Cuddle

Phase 2 is when she falls asleep and I have to be extra-super-still. My last resort is breaking out limited Catnip potions and tossing them at her, as she's easily distracted.

Our other cat sometimes off-tanks, but he doesn't have the dedication to keep her on him all day. Mainly he just looks alarmed and runs away from her (which makes her chase him).

Whew. Kittens! O.o


  1. Is that your phoenix in the picture bottom right?

    And if she's "The Beast", does she drop a finkle? :-)

    Cute kitten, congratulation :-)

    But you don't have to be quiet, cats can:
    a) Cats can sleep perfectly well in a noisy environment.
    b) Hear a mouse when they're asleep. *)

    There is no way you, as a human being, could be quiet enough that a cat won't hear you. Not gonna happen. She might ignore you but she can hear you.

    I have a white cat with a blue and a yellow eye. They are deaf on the ear on the blue eye side *2). I know how it looks if a cat didn't hear you coming. And how you look afterwards. :-D

    *) I have no idea if that's true but I write it as if it is a fact so no one will question it. I heard it and thought it sounds cool. Therefore it must be true! :)

    *2) That's at least what the doc said.

  2. Heh, no, the little pink thing in the photo is Rope, the all-knowing god of my cats' universe:


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