Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PINK HEART ROCKET!, or "Omg Pink Heart Rocket!"

Okay, so mmo-champion updated with two new patch mounts.

One is the thing that'll probably be super-wicked-hard-to-get from Arthas or as a related achievement. Death-horse-thing, boys may now go wild with enthusiasm:

Yah yah, whatev, it's badass.

The AWESOME thing is the big love rocket, which is pink and has hearts on it! SQUEEEE!

Boubouille thinks the love rocket will be a rare Valentines drop. :D It's supposition, but he's almost always correct.

Both mounts "change depending on your Riding skill and location."

Squeedle squeedle flail flail!

While I realize I have my pretty bird on Dusty, if this is a rare Valentines drop, I will be farming it on every single one of my characters. Call it the principle of the thing, if you like, since I've posted in the official forums and suggested a pink mount before, bringing forth the cleverness of the forum trolls in all their glory.

But in reality, it's a
pink mount. Who wouldn't farm that to excess?

P.S. Post title changed from "Pink Love Rocket" because a friend has been to too many bachelorette parties and told me that's the name of a sex toy. *coughs uncomfortably* So yeah. Edited .


  1. Wow, I absolutely love that horse mount thing [and I'm a girl!]. I thought it was a boss or something, at least that's what my boyfriend told me. But it's a mount! Do you know where it comes from/where it drops? I simply must have it... if it's within my range :p

  2. No details on it yet. :/ I'd keep up with mmo-champion or warcraftmounts.com for news of it. MMO-champion.com is the one who breaks all the news, but warcraftmounts.com will definitely post about it.

  3. The flying horse is non other than Arthas Menethil's own mount - Invincible.


    In the hustle and bustle of last years Zombie Event, and in the middle of Halloween, Invincible's grave was mysteriously dug up. It was a closed grave before, but opened during Halloween. This conflicts with the lore as in the new book, Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, it is stated that when Arthas killed his father he immediately ran out of Lordaeron (Undercity) and resurrected the horse there and then.

    It is said also in the book that Arthas can summon or dismiss this mount at will, turning it into a dread spectre one moment, or to vanish completely. It will likely be either a mini boss fight in itself, a component of the fight against Arthas or simply a rare drop from Arthas / completing an Arthas related hard mode.

  4. Oh and concerning the wings on the horse, it is likely that Arthas attached them to the horse post-resurrection as in life Invincible was a normal white colt born at the Balnir Farmstead.

  5. Invincible will be the reward for Lich King most difficult 25 Achievement, like Yogg Saron and Mimiron's Head, for sure !

    There will be a new boss in Shadowfang Keep, i see the invocation quests in db.mmo-champion.com but don't remember the name. So it will be a farming like Headless Man :)

  6. I found the daily quest to farm the pink rocket : http://db.mmo-champion.com/q/14488/you-ve-been-served/


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