Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Influx, or "It's About Time We Had a Pink Update"

It's time for PINK again, everybody! Today, on our list of pink guilds and items, we begin with the Pink Mageweave Shirt, which is wearable by anybody but fairly expensive to acquire, being made of mageweave. If, however, you're willing to buy some mageweave on an AH (3 bolts or 15 cloth), I'm sure a reputable tailor would be willing to make it for you -- for free if it's your guild tailor (and you're bringing them the mageweave, pink dye, and heavy silken thread), for a small fee if it's a stranger.

Next is a guild that I've had unconfirmed reports is shutting down. Still, they were around for awhile on Zuluhed: the QQ Bears!

Now for a random pink tabard sighting for the guild "HONKAHONKAIMATONKA," shown to your left . . .

. . . and slipping right past that to Dread (below), a guild on the european server Bloodscalp. I really like the black-on-pink motif. You can tell they took their time designing the tabards. Not everybody does.

Now onto another random guild sighting. This guild probably doesn't have a lot of members because it's probably an inside joke among friends: Hate MikeB. Their tabard is pretty frilly, even for me. ^_^;

Now out of guild love and into . . . PETS! Hunter pets to be precise, and only one that I've seen so far. I don't know what it is, but I like it:

And last but not least, a shirt that isn't pink but is pink's best friend.

That's right, we have purple, folks.

Modeled by Anvilmar's Hotnightelf, Netherstalker Armor is level 59 and is a rare drop from various things. Highest drop rate is 6.2% from Laughing Skull Enforcer in The Blood Furnace.


  1. The pink Plainstrider, a shown by Petopia

    It's Mazzranache, a rare spawn in Mulgore. I always seem to run into him while doing "The Plains Vision" quest in the Tauren starting area. The first time I found him I was several levels lower than he was, and let me tell you it was slightly degrading being killed by a big pink bird.

  2. I've never seen the pink plainstrider before O.o If I knew that there was one, then I... would do nothing actually. Pink is not my fav color. But I would love to have seen him


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