Friday, May 4, 2007

Buffing, or "Can I Get Fort?"

Now, there are some places I really don't mind buffing people. In a 5-man party . . . right before a battleground starts . . . in instances . . . passing each other on the road or in a safe little town . . . when another person is in trouble and needs help . . .

But when we're in the middle of a battleground, when I have 1 non-mage-made drink left in my bags and just enough mana to shield myself and one other person in case we get jumped by rogues (which happens), I do not, and I mean NOT appreciate being asked to use the rest of my mana to fortitude some dork. (I always fortitude the flag carrier in Warsong Gulch, but that's different.)

Yes, I am a shadow priest. Yes, this means I don't heal well. But my main job in a battleground is still shielding and healing. It is NOT giving people fortitude, which drains ONE THIRD of my mana and doesn't protect half as much as a good old-fashioned shield does.

(Btw, any priest who doesn't use shield or heal in battlegrounds is dumb. It might use more mana if you're shadow, but it keeps the people who can tank alive so they can protect you -- and, more importantly, what you're trying to defend. Plus, when you aide an ally by shield/healing, you share the honor from their kill.)

Anyway, I just wanted to rant. Thanks for not throwing fruit.


  1. If I die in battlegrounds, I don't even rebuff MYSELF. Why waste my full mana pool on a buff that won't matter if I get swarmed again? I wait until we've settled into a nice attack pattern, then buff myself and others. I'm speaking here of my mage (which I haven't played in a while) because warlocks have no real buffs to speak of save their armors (which I do activate).

  2. I went through this last night in 30-39 AB. We had *just* barely defended Blacksmith and were waiting for the flag to cap when a rogue began with "fort me priest". When I told him that I couldn't atm because I didn't have water (and the regen buff wasn't up) he began to berate me (e.g, "stuck up priest", "bitch") and continued in /say that who seriously needs water in a BG. Some people... >_>

  3. Ah, but that is all explained very simply, Khara.





    Most rogues I know are actually the stuck-up elitist ones. Ironic, in your case.

  4. Error in this post: You share honor from the kill either if you're close enough to the action OR if you damage your opponent and they run off and die in the next minute.

    The shield part of the rant still holds up. Shadow priests can do some off-healing after a certain level without shifting out to heal more fully. Still, if there's a lack of healers, we should step up.


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