Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hitting 40, or "Dustfire is Stronger, Faster, and Prettier Than You"

. . . Unless you're higher level or have an epic mount or play a female Night Elf.

But for anyone under or just over 40, I'm totally geared out to kick butt.

First thing when I dinged 40 (a thank you to Kbone/Occult for helping me level, who has 7 alts, half of which are 40+, and who started on Zuluhed the same time the rest of us did -- you're a machine), was get Shadow Form on the talent tree. If you do only priest shadow tree until 40, you get Shadow Form at 40. ^_^

Then I went to Silvermoon to train (9 things -- fantastic!) and ran out and southeast of the city to find the riding instructor and mount vendor. The instructor is in the building, the vendor is outside surrounded by mounts.

Although I'm a scaaaary shadow priest, I picked the red one because it has purple-tipped wings (matches my outfit). The purple one would have been too much purple, and I think the red one will coordinate better with any outfits I choose. Also, I was debating about the black/grey one, because I'm a scaaaary shadow priest, but it just didn't go with anything I might wear, even though black/grey is supposed to be a neutral color. Plus, if my outfit and mount clash, I can just ride around in shadow form, and that would make the mount black/grey anyway. And we'd totally match that way.

And, lastly, blue was out of the question because Nevari got blue. It's bad enough that Manasseh and I have matching robes -- I don't want to come to the instance on the same mount as another teammate. That would just be embarrassing.

So I bought a red hawkstrider and named her Nell, after my grandmother. (You can't actually name them like you can a pet, with the name officially over its head, but I'm going to call her Nell when I talk to other people about her.) And here are pictures of me and Nell and shadow form.

By the way, getting to 40 rocks because your character just gets more fun. I've heard a lot of classes are boring before 40, and that's why you want to keep going on just one character until they're maxed out, unless you're Kbone/Occult and can level 7 characters to 70 in one hour or something ridiculous like that.


  1. So your mount is a giant purple ostrich? I'll just think of it as a chocobo so it can be cool.

  2. Welcome to the clan of the mounted! :) Now we can quest even faster than before.

  3. Everyone calls them chocobo. Except me, I call them choCHObo.


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