Monday, May 7, 2007

Firemane Leggings, or "Further Adventures in Hooker-Wear"

I was in a battleground and got a shot of girly to your right here. Then I tried them on myself and got another shot. Firemane Leggings are mail, +strength, +stam, reduced fire damage.

Try clothing on by ctrl-left-clicking on the item name in game.

It's kind of pink-ish. Looks awful with a pink shirt, kind of lame on the blood elf build, too *cough*slutty*cough* on a night elf build, and I don't think I'd wear these even if they were leather, except maybe under a tabard. They're a little too "I wish I could fight naked, but this is the next best thing"-ish.


  1. On blood-elves it looks like they're not wearing pants. <_<*

    I ran across a pair of trousers the other day on a GUY that had nothing covering the posterior. It was Ravager something-or-other if you want to try and find it. VERY creepy. I'm guessing they look the same on female avatars, but it was a male BE. Looked it up just now. They're called Ravager's Woolies. Easily the most frightening piece of equipment in the game. I thought maybe the back part matched the guy's skintone, so I looked them up on Thottbot and found out that no, no it did not.

    Oh, one last thing. You do know that Firemane Leggings are the rare leggings that I picked up in RFK for my pally, right? <_<; I hope they don't look like that on guys.

  2. If they do, I want a picture. Particularly of a Tauren in them. THAT would be funny. ^_^


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