Monday, May 21, 2007

Alchemy, or "Drown Yourself in Peacebloom"

Duh Information

Any profession requires that you level with it. You cannot, for example, train Journeyman without being at least level 10.

Trainers can be found in most major cities.


Leveling Alchemy

(Information taken from WoWWiki alchemy guide and simplified.)

Does not include alchemy supplies that can be bought from vendor.

Peacebloom: 60
Silverleaf: 60
Mageroyal: 20
Briarthorn: 90
Stranglekelp: 50
Bruiseweed: 35
Wild Steelbloom: 10
Kingsblood: 40
Liferoot: 40
Goldthorn: 50
Khadgar's Whisker: 20
Sungrass: 70
Blindweed: 35
Arthas' Tears: 25
Golden Sansam: 60
Mountain Silversage: 30
Golden Sansam: 20
Felweed: 60
Imbued Vial: 100
Ragveil: 40
Dreaming Glory: 80
Nightmare Vine: 40

Numbers are the alchemy skill number.

0-60 Minor Healing Potion
60-110 Lesser Healing Potion
105-110 Elixir of Wisdom
110-140 Healing Potion
140-155 Lesser Mana Potion
155-185 Greater Healing Potion
185-210 Elixir of Agility
210-215 Elixir of Greater Defense
215-230 Superior Healing Potion
230-250 Elixir of Detect Undead
250-265 Elixir of Greater Agility
265-285 Superior Mana Potion (Darnassus)
285-300 Major Healing Potion (Everlook in Winterspring)
301-315 Volatile Healing Potion
316-330 Sneaking Potion
331-350 Super Healing Potion
351-375 Major Dreamless Sleep Potion (Thunderlord Stronghold in Blade's Edge Mts)

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