Friday, June 1, 2007

Armor, or "Shiny Things That I Want"

I just want you to know that my armor choices are based mainly on looks. Because that's how I roll.

It just so happens that Blizzard rolls with some pretty attractive top-tier sets. So this is what I would pick if I got anything I wanted for Christmas.

Birdfall (NE Rogue)
High Level Armor Set: Netherblade (tier 4 - prettier) or Deathmantle (tier 5 - deadlier)

Dustfire (BE Priest)
High Level Armor Set: PVP Epic (Level 70; 95625 Honor Points; 50 AlteracValley; 70 ArathiBasin; 30 WSG)

B______ (Human Priest)
High Level Armor Set: Avatar Raiment (tier 5 - whiter) or Faith (tier 3 - fluffier) or Devout (dungeon 1 - purple!)

W______ (Drae Paladin)
High Level Armor Set: PVP Epic

K_______ (Drae Mage)
High Level Armor Set: Magister's Regalia (dungeon 1) or Tirisfal Regalia (tier 5 - richer red)

(The exact gear mentioned above.)

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