Monday, August 2, 2010

Withers, or "Squee! Little Old Man Tree!"

New confirmed pet in Cataclysm!  Right now, he's a prize for a long Alliance quest chain (it's likely that Horde will just have an equivalent quest and pet, though there's no news on that front).  Withers is an angry old man Treant who starts out large and shrinks over time.  When you get him near water, he emotes "Withers absorbs the water, growing back to full size!"

Photo after break.

Ohwait, that's my nephew -- though he does look like a little old man when he's cranky.

I won't be available much this week because my computer has been randomly crashing and my parents are in town to see the kid.  He's their first grandchild, so it's kind of a big deal.

Now, what you really wanted to see:


  1. I really wish that Hordies get this one also.. want this for my boomkin-resto so bad!

  2. Oh good lord I want him. SO BAD. I've always wanted a treant pet. Omgggggg I need him ;_;


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