Monday, August 30, 2010

PuG Feature Idea, or "I Don't Want to Group with Death Knights Anymore"

I'm at that stage in Windwhistler's instancing where she runs into a lot of freshly made Death Knights.  This wouldn't be so bad if:

a) Their starting gear wasn't better than hers, thus making them pull aggro.
b) Every piece of gear I need out of instances wasn't a slight upgrade for them.

On the other hand, instancing as a tank nets me more chances at gear per hour, which is a definite upside.

Still, when talking to husband and HBF (husband's best friend), they agreed that they'd trade a longer wait for a group for the ability to select which other classes they're willing to group with.

It could potentially be hard for a certain class to find a group, but it would also be easier for individuals to farm specific much-sought-after items.  Don't you love being the only plate-wearer in an all-cloth group?  I know I do!

What do you think?  Would the world (of Warcraft) begin to shun certain other classes to the point of madness, or would people as a whole choose faster queues?


  1. I would shun DKs like it was going out of style yesterday.

    Also Priests and Locks, as I am a Mage.

  2. I would probably get shunned as a hunter, but not for gear... I never realized the stereotype about "huntards" was based in reality until I started doing low level pugs on my mage. Now I understand everyone else's disdain for the class.

  3. I really think it depends on the battlegroup. I don't see a lot of hunter hate, but I know some people who just can't catch a break when they zone in on their hunter...

    While I like this idea in theory - I mean, going for the Needle Encrusted Scorpion, it'd be awesome to just exclude every class that would make use of it, though of course that includes every tanking class, if they decide to roll on a dps trinket... I just think it'd be HUGELY problematic in practice.


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