Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tired, or "Choosing Chores Over WoW?"

I've needed to clean our office for a while.  I started throwing random papers down beside my desk to "deal with later" about six months ago, and the pile has only grown.  From pay stubs to receipts to the half-finished revisions on my second book, the pile had become a living entity, fed and maintained by my overwhelming laziness.

I stayed up all night a few days ago in order to outbid some random schmuck for a Hyacinth Macaw.  I thought of it this way: one ruined night in return for countless days of Not Farming That Stupid Bird Anymore.  Plus, I got a great deal: 4,621g.

I did force husband to keep an eye on the auction after I succumbed to the lure of bed at 5am.  He had strict orders to wake me up when it hit Short.  He did, and I won it without any real competition.

Today, I got onto Dustfire after a bunch of errands.  I logged on more to chat with my sister-in-law than to do anything.  There aren't many goals left for me except some collecting, auctioning, and getting a Pony Bridle for my mage.  But today I was tired and bored and didn't feel like I needed to do anything in game.  I had no impetus.

My sister-in-law said "I organized today.  You could try that?"

So I turned down an invite to Blackwing's Lair, logged out, and went on a rampage of tidiness.  I decimated the pile of papers by my desk, cut down the boxes I wanted to stow in the attic (for future moving), and shoved 90 padded coat-hangers precariously onto a closet shelf with the warning to husband that "If you get scared by something falling in the closet at night, it's my mother's fault for sending us a freaking mountain of hangers."

I then washed the cat toys we'd pulled from under the oven.

And baked a delicious apple crisp.

And proclaimed myself Superwife and husband and his best friend my man-wenches.  (HBF protested until husband whispered that they were getting apple crisp out of the deal.)

All of this happened because . . . I'm kind of bored.  Bored of WoW.  Bored of Sims 3.  Bored of the snazzy Korean drama I've been watching.

The only thing I'm not bored of is hanging out at my brother's house and watching Buffy (or the new BBC Sherlock Holmes, squee), but we couldn't do that tonight because my silly brother-in-law-in-law had to lead a stinky ol' raid.

I'm still interested in WoW.  I find myself clicking on MMO-Champion ten times a day, hoping for something new to alleviate the boredom.  But for now . . . I'm just out of steam!  :/


  1. Take a break.

    Decide on one to three months without WoW. Without playing.

    Believe me, it's the best way to find out what you want from the game.

    But don't take a break longer than that... We still want you to write on the blog. :)

  2. I signed up to the temp agency my brother and HBF use. >_> I might get a job.



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