Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pug Trolling, or "Cyber Bullies Run in Packs"

Note that the instance in question is H-ToC, which I've done on three characters.  Dustfire is my raiding character and has several ICC 25 pieces.  Whether someone likes her gear or not, there's nothing that would make her worth trolling out of a 5-man.

To set this up, I've stopped raiding and have been leveling enchanting.  Since I don't have any reason to properly enchant my gear for now, I've been using unenchanted pieces of my own gear to level it (obviously, I'll replace the enchants later).  Also, note that [Abyssal Rune] from regular ToC is a reasonable alternative when a shadow priest is over hit-capped, which I am (by a lot).  I'm sure there could be some debate on that subject, but it doesn't really matter for this situation.

Logging started on 07/28/2010 at 12:35:21.
12:55:40 [Protus-Dentarg]: hey priest
12:55:53 [Protus-Dentarg]: whats up with the sad trinket?
12:56:08 [Shawtyisaman-Dentarg]: nice.. [The Lady's Brittle Bracers]
12:56:08 [Riu-Dentarg]: sadddd trink
12:56:10 [Shawtyisaman-Dentarg]: O.o
12:56:14 [Shawtyisaman-Dentarg]: [Gunship Captain's Mittens]
12:56:19 [Dustfire]: Hit.
12:56:38 [Protus-Dentarg]: why do you have attack power enchants/
12:56:44 [Riu-Dentarg]: i hear attack power and strength are pro for priests
12:56:46 [Protus-Dentarg]: planning to melee them to death?
12:56:46 [Dustfire]: Leveling enchanting.
12:56:58 [Dustfire]: Not that I have to defend myself to you.
12:57:08 [Shawtyisaman-Dentarg]: yes you do,my main is a spriest
12:57:14 [Protus-Dentarg]: i think you do : /
12:57:15 [Dustfire]: Fine, bye.
12:57:20 [Shawtyisaman-Dentarg]: k
12:57:21 [Protus-Dentarg]: bye

I put them on ignore and then reported them for cyber-bullying me out of a pug.  It was annoying, but more than anything I don't like the thought of people getting away with that kind of behavior.  They harassed me for no defensible reason, they should be reported for it.


  1. People are rude and dumb-- admittedly, I would've giggled a little to myself if I had seen those enchants on a PUG priest, but I wouldn't have ever said anything about it. As long as the PUG does their job, I really don't care what their gear looks like. It's a stinkin' 5-man after all. And with your explanation- they definitely should've let it drop.
    Oh! Noob story- when I leveled enchanting on my first character, I didn't know you could overwrite enchants so I would sit in Org BEGGING people to let me enchant their stuff- like I would PAY them to let me enchant their stuff. <_<

  2. Those randoms were remarkably polite, just in terms of language and offensiveness. I am amazed there wasn't the usual litany of "LOL nub" and "LTP", etc.

    As for as asking though, I think it's fair to ask. I know if I saw a healer with +Attack on their bracers I would be surprised. And obviously this isn't the case for priests, but if you were, say, a tree druid it *could* be possible you had on a feral piece, or had enchanted a tree piece by accident, etc.

    Of course on the flip side, I would also be content with a response of "leveling enchanting" especially since the rest of your gear is clearly sufficient, enchants or not. Demanding that you have to defend yourself is just being an ass.

  3. Clarification: I was dpsing at the time, though I do sometimes heal.

  4. I probably wouldn't have asked... I might've I dunno. If you were doing fine, I probably wouldn't have even noticed. [Fine = 1500 dps plus in my book].

    Red flags to me are sub-1k dps; sub 15k mana healers; sub 25k health for tanks [some of these are notably okay but I like to be sure I got a tank, not a dps queued as tank].

    "Leveling enchanting" - I probably would've replied "oh that's a pain to level" and I'd have probably sent you a couple stacks of mats if you were on my server [I've actually done that to a random person before on my server lol].

    Perhaps I'm too nice

  5. I don't think it's possible to be too nice. Unless you're getting scammed a lot for it. /hugs

    I just got a whisper from my brother. He went and had a "talk" with one of these guys on their own server and sent me screenshots. The guy's defense was that they harassed the other pug 10 times worse after I left and that they harass people in every random. Oh, and that "Little girls shouldn't be on wow...."

    All in all, my brother defending me gave me warm fuzzies. ^_^

  6. Urrrgh, people like this really make me mad :( In some ways, dropping group is perfectly good reaction as you really don't have to have your day ruined by asshats. On the other hand, you did give them exactly what they were after by leaving :-/
    I hope they didn't make you too mad hun /hugs

  7. Ugh, "Little girls shouldn't be on wow..." that's enough to make me want to hit something, so kudos on your restraint. All goes back to the asshat equation: normal person + annonimity + audience = asshat. Little jerks shouldn't be on wow either.

  8. Wow. People can be such jerks sometimes. Our (extremely casual) guild has a few people that might be designated "newbs" - just hit 80, don't quite understand what makes an optimal spec or the best gear, don't know how to gem and enchant... and man, the things they get put through in randoms! D:

    Side note: I've made tons of gold leveling enchanting by putting the enchants on vellum. I can't open the wowhead links to see what level of enchanting you're at, but as soon as I hit Northrend all vellum enchants I've put on the AH sells for at least 10g, with some going for well over 100g. I'm by no means playing the AH, I just put them up and forget about them. :)

  9. I would like to add, that if you were healing (I know you weren't) I would of asked you about it ONLY if the tank was dieing. In the case of you being DPS, I would of hacked all the other party members computers and deleted their toons in your defense. Your reason was 100% acceptable and I find it hard to believe that you were not doing the dps you were expected to do. Keep your chin day WOW cyber bullying will be illegal!

  10. @Eric: From my brother's conversation with them, harassing pugs is their favorite pasttime. They have no reason, they just do it. To emphasize the pointlessness of their harassment, they began before we'd even started the first encounter.

    However, because their favorite pasttime is harassment, I expect them to get in bigger trouble for it if people keep reporting them.

    @Sarayana: I have been putting enchants on vellum. ^_^; I resorted to my own unenchanted gear when I ran out of vellum. It was only 10-20 points I needed to get to Wrath enchants.

  11. I realize this post was made a few weeks ago, but I actually found it after recently quitting my guild. Which was run by Riu, with Shawwttyy as a member, and Protus as an officer.

    I can tell you, they act exactly as they do there all the time, and they're just incredible jerks.

  12. Hey Aenorn, who are you in-game, if you don't mind my asking?

  13. @Tomawar. My mains name is "Supernerd".

  14. @Aenorn: *grin* It's nice to have it confirmed that they're always like that. Husband thinks it's hilarious that you gquit and then found this post.

    Now, I'm pretty much just wry about the whole thing. It happened, I was annoyed at the time, I'm over it (though I hope people continue to report their behavior and get them banned, for everyone's sake). Honestly, the most irritating thing wasn't that they were jerks -- it was that I was in the middle of a subtitled episode of my extremely goofy and cheesy Korean high school drama and had to pause it to type anything. XD

  15. I literally ignore people like that. Literally. /ignore them for the rest of the group. I've never been kicked in any case I've done that. I've had one of the better members ask me why I'm not talking and I explain I have the jerk(s) on ignore and it's usually left at that.

  16. Interesting. I tried to ignore someone in a group once and it didn't work, so I assumed I couldn't ignore anyone until after the group was over. I'll definitely start doing that. Thanks! ^_^


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