Friday, August 27, 2010

Pet Wish, or "When Pigs Fly"

After mounting my happy little flying gryphon on my 61 warrior and leaving Mr. Wiggles waaaay down below, I whispered a friend: "Wish my pig could fly.  /grumpyface"

I thought about it, and I do seriously wish Mr. Wiggles could sprout wings when I use my flying mount.  Not only because he'd be the WoW version of "When pigs fly," but because it's so sad when I lose him!

I mean, don't you feel just awful when you abandon your little ground-only pet and it "dies" because you left it?  My friend replied: "I'll talk to my computer and say: 'I didn't desert you, I swear!  It's the game!'"

They're such pitiful little things, chasing after their owners on those chubby little legs (or tentacles or claws) and having to run past all those mean monsters and down and around all those big obstacles.

I'd like to see a non-flying-pet option for flying mounts.  Like letting them ride on the butt of your mount, just behind your character, or having them disappear while you're flying but reappear when you land.  Or even get picked up in your flying mount's claws/talons/feet!

It's just that it really is heart-wrenching to lose a pet like that.  You feel like it's your fault for flying too fast or too far from the ground.  You're leaving your pet behind.  I have to fly close to the ground so my pet can keep up, and I'll even pause to wait for it if I fly over a large hill.

It's nice that some pets can fly with you, like the phoenix hatchling, but we still leave the rest in the dust.  And with flying coming to Azeroth, I see this problem getting worse, not better.

Save the ground pets!  Make pigs fly!


  1. I used the Livestock addon for my mounts, which also has a lot of settings for companion pets. You can set it to dismiss the pet when you mount up, then get it back out when you're on foot again. No more abandoned piggies!

  2. I like your thoughts on this! Hehe. I always feel sad leaving my little guys on the ground :( I like the idea of having them sit behind you!


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