Friday, August 13, 2010

Blue Proto-Drake, or "You Can Totally 2-Man It"

Today I decided to random on Dusty to get her Perky Pug.  She doesn't have one yet because she geared out in heroics and raids before the random system went live and is more likely to get a guild group than a pug.

The Blue Proto-Drake dropped in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle.  This is something I want on Birdfall, but I smiled with an indulgent fondness when I saw it and happily clicked the "pass" button because, seriously, a girl with a phoenix does not need a blue drake.

One of my groupmates said "Every day. Every %#@!in day."  And dropped group.

I winced but felt sympathetic.  I would have had heart palpitations if I'd seen it on Birdfall, and it would have hurt to lose the roll.  That's why I'm not farming it on her until I can go with husband and maybe my brother at 85.

So, in sympathy for all those frustrating Blue Proto-Drake grinds, I'm going to go ahead and post a 2-man strat.  I prefer to post strats after I myself have tested them, but husband has done this already and I want to send a little encouragement to that poor farmer.


You must have a tank and healer with good gear.  My husband has done this on a well-geared 80 shaman with his best friend on a super-geared 80 paladin.

Skadi the Ruthless, 3rd boss in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle.

Getting to the Boss
You can skip the first two bosses.  Both have to be engaged, and I myself have skipped them in groups.

Fighting the Boss
The tank takes the adds and picks up harpoons.  He shoots down the boss with the harpoons while the healer stays away from where the boss lands so as not to pull aggro.

Skadi hits hard, especially during whirlwind, which is why your tank needs to have gear.  Your healer needs a large mana pool simply because the fight takes a while -- husband said that the only difference 2-manning Skadi at 80 is that it takes longer than 5-manning him.  If you find a friend willing to help you or one or two people who want to farm him alongside you, then you're all set.

Sometimes the hardest part of mount farming is finding a farming partner.  Good luck, everyone.  :)

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  1. I feel bad for that poor person. I got mine with out even trying for it. I had no idea there was such a mount and was happy I won the roll. I was even happier once I did research on the mount and realized that it was rather rare.


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