Saturday, August 28, 2010

Annoying Pugs, or "Tales of a Little Tank"

I won't toy with your patience and list the entire conversation from the run.  Suffice to say, I had some people who seemed to be pretty young who got into my group and started chattering.  Nothing useful or interesting, just chatter.  One of them had ganked another of them on an alt, the mage Zord kept linking dps meters after every other pull, just really really pointless crap and confusion and malarkey.

I went into my Real ID whisper window, told a friend that "My group is full of morons.  Except the healer."   I could still more or less see party chat -- I have it set up to pop up a chat dialogue box like for Say chat.

Eventually, though, their pointless chatter that I was happy to ignore turned on me:

[Nikkaps-Haomarush]: lol tank your still using [Aegis of the Scarlet Commander]
[Nikkaps]: XD
[Windwhistler]: And [Dread Pirate Ring].
[Nikkaps]: my 41 pally has a better shield tho
[Windwhistler]: Probably. I don't care, though.
[Zord-Steamwheedle Cartel]: Lol
[Zord]: [Aegis of the Scarlet Commander]?!?!?!?!
[Nikkaps]: don't back sas me or i'll make mr. wiggles into bacon [Did I mention his (or someone's) first statement in the group was "DIE MR WIGGLES!!"  Yeah.  Started me off with a great impression.]
[Zord]: Holy !@#$.
[Zord]: my level 39 warrior has that
[Windwhistler]: Switching chat channels.
[At this point, I did switch channels to my Real ID window but could still see the popups.  I really really wish I couldn't.  I just wanted to get the run over with.]
[Nikkaps]: lol
[Zord]: Lol
[Zord]: lol
[Nikkaps]: love you too
[Zord]: SHes fail
[Nikkaps]: my 41 pally had a shield with 2200 armor
[Zord]: What other bad gear does she have
[Zord]: [Highlander's Plate Greaves] [The end boss in the instance we were in has a great boot upgrade for me.]
[Nikkaps]: check her ring
[Zord]: Nice
[Zord]: Level 40
[Zord]: [Berserker Bracers]
[Zord]: level 40
[Zord]: LOL
[Nikkaps]: XD
[Zord]: Double gratz
[Zord]: I leveled and hunter?
[Nikkaps]: how has she not died yet
[Zord]: Ikr
[Nikkaps]: yay
[Zord]: She can't hold aggro for !@#$ tho [He almost died every single pull because he kept pulling aggro.  Just him.  No one else.  Can anyone quote the rule for dps pulling aggro off tanks?]
[Nikkaps]: gratz
[Zord]: U tew
[Nikkaps]: ya
[Nikkaps]: :D
[Anyi-Scilla]: i can keep her up
[Zord]: Only cuz of heirlooms [I mentioned this to husband's best friend.  He made a face and said "So the only reason she could keep you up was because of gear."]
[Anyi]: skill duh
[Zord]: I said no
[Zord]: :D
[Nikkaps]: me
[Zord]: Yup
[Zord]: I said no no
[Nikkaps]: :( y
[Vaeyethror-Executus]: i said no
[Zord]: THe tank prolly initiated it
[Windwhistler]: I did. Have fun waiting for a new tank. My queue is instant anyway. Great heals, Anyi, you've been the only mature person here. :)
[I shouldn't have said only, the third dps (who came in when another chattery dps d/c'd) kept his mouth wisely shut.  Until he voted no and lost his tank, of course.]

TL;DR - They made fun of my gear even though nobody who wasn't a moron died during the run.  My tanking philosophy is: as long as I survive, keep aggro off the healer, and know when to use cooldowns, my gear is fine. End TL;DR

I'll upgrade when I get the opportunity to or when someone finally lists tank plate on my AH.  If I really can't tank with my gear, I don't tank.

Anyway, I'm thinking it's a really bad idea to piss off your tank if your run is going smoothly.  Hopefully, the healer left too and they had to wait another half hour to get a group again.  Crossing fingers.

During my annoyed complaining to husband's best friend, I got a solid tip.  HBF said that shields make up about half a tank's armor and I should probably get one that has dumb stats on it (caster stats) just for the armor boost.  He said I'd probably still get made fun of by morons, but.  Gonna do it.

Afterward, I concluded wryly that the entire thing was husband's fault.  He quit WoW for a while and he's the one who buys gear for Whistler (without being asked; he just loves to gear out my warrior).  Silly husband!


  1. next time try whispering the healer and requesting that (s)he not rez the DPS that die... just keep moving and make the morons run back while ignoring their chat comments... eventually they'll either leave or stop ruining your run

  2. After years of it, I gave up tanking during Wrath cause of this stuff.

    Those older dungeons were designed for a Warrior tank stacking sunders over and over again on targets. Maybe a sheep pull every now and then to keep a caster down. They would mark kill orders and if you didn't follow it (and control your dps) you died.

    Enter the Wrath-babies. Granted a modern tank of any type has a much easier time of it, but at the very least dps should be expected to be able to use the Target-of-Target feature. Sheesh!

    I alt-tanked Maraudon a couple of weeks ago and the hunter that kept pulling and dying actually had the nerve to yell "Tank make more aggro!"

    You little @#$@! I've tanked Hyjal, Tempest Keep, Shattered Hells (as a BC Prot Warrior!), BRD, Deadmines back when it took two hours to get through, and some the most tank-intensive instances in the game! "Make" more aggro?!?! I will crush you, you you you... ahem...

    Sorry... I feel your pain. :)


  3. You make me giggle, Friday. ^_^

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  5. GAHHH. The Oculus drake dropped in a DPS warrior's bag 2mins ago. >.< I was SOOO excited when I saw it was Oculus too x/

    Oh, and I'm sorry about being on my wrong profile again. Signing into Youtube also signs me into a different Google account now. >.<

    And I'm sorry about your constant, horrid luck with pugs >.<

  6. No worries. Sorry about the Oculus drake! :(

    It's really not constant bad luck. I do a large volume of pugs on Whistler, so I'm bound to run into some truly awful ones. And then I have to vent and all. ^_^;

  7. I hope you don't mind a long time WoW player from England dropping in her thoughts.
    I've had almost identical things happen to me.
    The issue you outine perfectly above has (i think) been the worst thing about Wrath. The random dungeon finder has made the game an unthinking fist of a thing.
    It's far too easy for 3 DPS to just coast, goof around and generally make life hellish for tanks, then need on stuff they can't use and flake out, gaining a level as they disappear.
    I've always loved tanking and levelling, but the joy was taken out a bit in Wrath, partly because it's all about brute force and no tactics and partly because of the influx of morons who never quest anymore and only use LFG and then insult others.

    I'm not going to be so nice in the future when i level my Worgen Warrior and if the LFG has made me a much harder headed player and less forgiving then i'm just trying to stay sane!

    I feel for you and all other tanks.


  8. p.s.
    Friday - Wrath-Babies is perfect phrase!


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