Saturday, January 2, 2010

Transfers, or "The Power of Friends"

I hate world PVP. If you've been reading for long, you know this. I don't enjoy animosity from or toward the opposite faction, so I don't attack others unprovoked, and I don't like that jerks without my moral code feel free to do things to my character that I would never in a million years do to theirs. (I.e. Teabagging.)

So why, oh why, did I move Birdfall from my nice little RP server to the crap-pot Zuluhed?

*sigh* Friends.

My sister-in-law moved her tauren druid to Zuluhed's alliance side and we discussed an alliance guild name ("IVV" in honor of In Vino Veritas). And she even agreed to RP with me (discretely). So I transferred, because I saw a future for Birdy on a server with people I know and love instead of somewhere safe but alone.

Does this mean I like PVP servers now? Oh my God, no.

Honestly, when Blizzard comes out with their guild transfer service, where you can pay to move your guild bank and members, I'm voting to transfer to a PVE server.

I might even beg.

I realize some of my friends like the ability to gank crappy people, but more often it's the crappy people ganking those of us who just want to be left alone. And I really want to be somewhere where the jerks can't poop on my entire day just because they're bored.

We have so many other options for PVP -- Wintergrasp, battlegrounds, arenas... even flagging for world PVP is possible on a PVE server. Forcing everyone onto a PVP server just seems one-sided to me. On a PVE server, there is recourse for the PVP fans, even if it isn't "constant raging danger." On a PVP server, there isn't any recourse for those of us who hate getting ganked and won't (or can't) fight back -- except to rely on others, who may or may not be online, and why does fighting back matter anyway if you're unable to play because you're so mad and frustrated you just broke your keyboard?

Me, I'm talented at escape. That's what I do. But it still doesn't mean my months on a PVE server with Birdy weren't some of the most relaxing of my gaming career. On Zuluhed, I look over my shoulder constantly. It's reflex. And it was incredibly nice not to have that on Moon Guard.

So while I'm on Zuluhed and I made the choice to be there because it's better than being alone, I'm still going to fight at my persuasive best when our guild brings up the inevitable "Do we want to transfer somewhere?" discussion. I'll be standing by with my "Yes" card and my "Absolutely" hat and the little wavable flag with "PVE" scrawled across it.

So, in the end, even with how much I hate getting ganked...

I love my friends more than I hate PVP.

And that's saying something.


  1. The wife convinced me to bring the Warrior over. <.< Have to decide on race, name, appearance, etc. Prot Warrior / Resto Druid FTW, eh?

  2. Khadgar is lovely this time of year (just throwing that out)

  3. I'm FINALLY transferring my warlock back to the little RP server where I leveled her 1-75. I transferred to a big PvE server to be with my in-game best friend and hated every moment of it.

    So, kudos to you for tolerating the PvP just to be with your friends. That's way cool of you.

  4. What would you do if Blizzard would allow you to chat with people from another realm and invite them to your group and be able to run an instance/raid with them?

    The technique is there. You can keep a person from another realm in your group and sign up for another heroic together.

    Just, /invite someplayer-anotherRealm doesn't work (yet).

    Would you transfer to a PvE server, knowing that you can run instances with your friends together? But, of course, you couldn't quest together.

  5. I'd stay on Zulu. For one, I'm super-frugal. For two, part of the allure of having friends on the same server is accomplishing group quests, Halaa mounts, and just /dancing with horde guildies in Dalaran. Also, they'll stick up for me if I get camped.

  6. I for once, just recently had to transfer my Mage (you remember, the feisty troll on the Spectral Tiger playground thingie).

    One day I was chatting with my guild, the next, I was gkicked and blocked at some time during the night. I was annoyed. So, a race change and a server transfer later, Lamora of Ashen Rayne became Meruze of The Praxeum. And a Blood Elf to boot.

    Since it's a RP server, the story is that Lamora tried to speed through a Teleport spell.


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