Sunday, January 3, 2010

Outfit of the Month, or "Leather is the New (Old) Hotness"

This outfit discovered on Drendari of Moon Guard. Please be respectful if you're on Moon Guard and want to reproduce it (choose different gloves or boots; add a cape or shoulders; etc).

I've always loved this particular chestpiece because of its detail -- the laces up the front, the artistic curlicues, the gold on the pleasing but respectable dark teal -- and Drendari uses the matching pieces, along with the classic mageweave gloves -- to perfection. I appreciate that Drendari didn't keep adding set pieces until they overwhelmed the character. This is a simple, sleek look that any player can admire.


Requirements to Wear:
  • Leather
  • Alliance
  • Rogue (for VanCleef items only)


1 comment:

  1. Ugh, Birdy you are going to make me level that alt rogue and changer her to alliance, aren't you?

    That is the hawtest outfit I have ever seen!


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