Friday, January 15, 2010

Armory Makeover, or "I Am So Late to This Party"

Did anyone else notice that the armory now shows your exact character design? In his or her exact gear?

I didn't know about it.

Then I looked up the healer from today's pug.


I have to log out in my RP gear from now on. >_>


  1. The new armory is soo cool :)

    I'm thinking about redoing my blog so that I can put the armory pic on the side with the rss below of my current project/main.

  2. Lol, they announced it on MMOchampion yesterday, so I knew about it xDD it's really cool though! :3

  3. Hi,

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  4. I didn't know! And that is pretty cool.

  5. You do know that WowHead ( has had this kind of show room for a long time I hope... It's nothing new.
    But I hope the Armory has managed to get rid of all the problems with it.

  6. I did know about wowhead, but people tend to look at specific characters on armory. It's all about showing off your cuteness!


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