Friday, January 15, 2010

Boor, or "More LFG Fun"

A "boor," as opposed to a bore (snore) or a boar (oink oink) is an unmannerly person.

It's different from an annoying person in that you usually find boors in polite grown-up situations and annoying people can be anywhere.

So I joined another LFG on Klaudia this morning, who just hit 70. She's in heirloom gear and scattered blues and greens, and she gets thrown into Utgarde Keep 100% of the time at this level.

She got in a group with all heirloom alts, except for the rogue.

The first indication that the rogue was a boor was when he demanded to know who else could mine almost as soon as we got inside. No one could. He expressed his verbal pleasure, and we moved on.

In the room with the red proto drakes, he decided to sap one mob on the last pull. The tank ran with it and did the sapped mob last. The pull after that, though, the rogue said: "Don't touch the runecaster until last."

Umm. Okay. Duh. We already proved we could do that.

I let the thought go, we moved silently and inexorably on. We were slow in the way that people without raid gear are slow, but we were competent and didn't pull any rookie moves.

After the first boss, the rogue said "This is the best group I've been in for this."

I said "Heirloom alt."

The healer said, "Same. I think we all are." (I checked the rogue's gear later, when husband asked, and he had no heirlooms.)

The healer then said: "PLease wait -- im out of mana and cant drink when in combat" (spelling preserved). This was the second time he said this, and I noticed the exact same syntax and misspellings as the first time.

The rogue said "You can take out the 'cant drink in combat' part -- we know that, we're not noobs."

I said "Macro?"

Healer said, "Yeah, macro. :)"

"You can just say 'mana,'" said the rogue.

"I don't mind a macro," said I.

We got to the second boss. The rogue said, "Okay, this one is going to be bad."

I detected a lecture coming on and preempted him with: "The first one that dies comes back up and attacks. We all done this before?"

"Yes" from the healer, tank, and rogue.

We went in. I died, got battle rezzed, had a nice "sorry" from the healer afterward and replied with some "no, I'm too squishy" pleasantries. (The healer reminded me of the time I pugged on Birdfall where we wiped and three different people took the blame for it. That was a great group. Just a pleasure to be in.)

The rogue complained about the tank putting raid markers on him and then was more or less quiet the rest of the run. By the end, I felt amused and as if I'd bonded with the others who had to put up with the rogue.

Strictly speaking, the rogue wasn't a horrible teammate. He didn't do anything wrong, he wasn't a jerk. He was just a bit overbearing without reason or right. He was a boor.

So, hey kids! Listen to Auntie Birdfall and don't aspire to be one of those people who makes other people roll their eyes behind your back.



  1. You know, you don't have to blog about it. You could just say "ur dumm" and move on. Also, that was really long. All the words make my eyes bleed. What is it with you people?

  2. I thought it was a good story! O.O

    U owe me chikin.

  3. See what I did there?

    Why do I owe you chicken again? /confused

  4. Birdfall makes an excellent point! If she's hungry, give her food.


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