Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kicking Woes, or "Nuuu, I Made Math Errors!"

An odd thing just happened.

I'm not sure if it's funny, annoying, or sad.

Probably all three.

I get in this Old Kingdom run, it's progressing just fine. On the first boss, a dps disconnects and after the boss one of the others votes to kick the disconnected person.

I didn't notice the disconnect but when I looked at their portrait, I was like "Oh, that person is grey with the little lightning" and figured that was a valid reason to remove someone from a group. It's not personal, it's practical. They're gone. We replace them. The queue was 11 minutes for me, not a big deal when my 71 mage has to wait 30.

Now, you need four three votes to kick and the kick passed. All four of us voted yes.

The healer then asked the tank (the group leader) to re-queue to fill the dps spot.

He refused.

He kept saying "Shouldn't have kicked" and "No" when asked to queue. He disregarded all of our reasoning. His line of thinking was that the person might have come back.

I pointed out that I don't like kicking people who are there any more than the next person, but that it was "pretty petty to make us run 4-man" for what we did. I wasn't angry, because I can sympathize. I was more confused than anything. Why, unless that person was a guildie or spouse (they weren't even on the same realm!), would he take it that hard?

I'm as sensitive to inhumane kickings as anyone, but that one seemed like an exercise in why the vote kick system can be a good thing. You aren't stuck with someone who goes offline.

Anyway, right after I said the "petty" remark, the healer left.

So I left.

And the only explanation I can imagine is that the tank is just very bitter about his own experiences being kicked in LFG groups, and that the bitterness makes him unreasonably sensitive to kicking anyone for any reason.

It's the only thing that makes sense to me.


  1. I think you only need 3 votes to kick someone. But I could be wrong about that.

  2. I have always heard 4. Let me double-check.

    Three. You are correct, I am wrong. He voted no, then.

  3. How long was the dps d/c'd? Not sure that makes a huge difference. Almost all of the kicks (other than being an a-hole) I've voted yes on were people who dc'd. And when I've dc'd I've been kicked. I sort of expect it. It's nothing personal, just trying to get something done. Obviously I prefer to give a few minutes but imo it's perfectly acceptable to kick a dc's member. The tank was just being a poop.

  4. I hadn't noticed how long. If asked, I would have agreed with the tank to wait a bit, but since the vote was up I figured we might as well kick.

  5. The tank was right, disconnects happen and vote-kicking someone who disconnected too fast is rude.

    I don't know if in your case it was "too fast", but it happens.


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