Friday, January 22, 2010

Observation, or "I Dwell on Things"

People tend to use kid gloves on the immature members who will gquit in anger if you say the wrong thing.

People recognize the mature members who won't gquit when offended.

Sometimes, this means the mature get less consideration than the immature, simply because the guild wants to avoid a fuss. In one case, it meant the mature Myself got disrespected so that the Immature People would calm down, simply because I could be trusted not to kick up dirt about it.

This kind of thing sucks. I was so furious back then, I wanted to gquit, but that's why I'm considered one of the stable, mature, sensible ones. I didn't. Because gquitting in a huff is stupid.

Sometimes you don't win if you're the mature one.


  1. Life sucks when you're the better man, because the immature pricks get away with it, and 'you're supposed to kow better than them".


  2. Yeah I'm with Viktor... Welcome to The Real World.

    It's why I'm a fervent believer in Karma. It makes it easier to smile and move on if I believe that b**** that just cut me off and nearly caused my to crash into her with my 1-year-old in my car (hypothetical example, of course) will get her comeuppance.

    I have found this to be the general rule: If you make sure to be the bigger person, either a) everyone will see the immature one for just that or b) the immature person will eventually dig him/herself a hole so big they can't get out. Karma, I tell ya. :o)

  3. Agreed. I was just tired and bitter last night. I'm over it now I've had sleep. :)

    I have a great story about how the guy who heckled me in the halls in high school had to try and make friends when his friend dated my friend a year later. And I didn't say a word. Just went back to my homework. /win

  4. [Trade] Jon: WTS [Chains of Maturity] - Also willing to trade for raid spot or [Battered Hilt]
    [Trade] Jon: WTB [Blunt Hammer of Insensitivity] PST

  5. I can has [Blunt Hammer of Insensitivity]?!


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