Monday, September 7, 2009

Dusty Goes Aion, or "My Friend Let Me Take 100 Screenshots"

So a few of my guildmates have gone to Aion and one of them (the guy who met Felicia Day at Blizzcon) let me and husband pop over so I could make a character or three (okay, I just had time for one) on his computer and take a billion (okay, just 60) screenshots of her.

I have no real desire to play Aion, but I do like character customization (a little too much -- that's why I have a Sims obsession). So here's my remake of Dustfire for Aion! :D

I'll have you know, though, that all my screenshots weren't of Dustfire. I had my friend take a good three of his cute freckled scout! So there.

And here's another guildmate's adorable character:


I . . . um . . . really just like cute photos. XD


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  2. Aion is fun. Plain and simple.

    Good choice, making Dusty an Asmodian. By far, they are infinitely cooler.

    *EDIT* Bleh. There were terrible spelling mistakes. I need to go wake up.

  3. Here, I found some other women with screenshots of characters and even some descriptions of the game itself!

  4. I made an Elyos the other night when Israphel was down for maintenance and was very disappointed in the customization. To make a good Elyos it seems you have to make a typical High Elf. Or maybe that's just because I am overly picky with my toons lol.

  5. I love the customization but am pretty sure I'd hate the game itself (having to engage in world PvP in order to attempt PvE content is the opposite of "fun" for me).

  6. Lol!
    I could have written this post, it happened exactly the same thing with me! I love WoW, but the character customization of aion is extremely beautiful!


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