Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hugs for Revenge, or "Opportunities Arise"

So yesterday I wrote about a ganking hunter who messed with us (most likely) because he hated me for my mount.

Today I found him in the Hodir dailies hub and squashed him (he went down pretty fast).

Yes, that's an AFK. Please, like I could take him one-on-one? I know how squishy I am.

And, yes, I got an achievement off him. I don't PVP on Dusty (I have another character for that) and never bothered to do PVP achievements for her, but this seemed right somehow.


  1. =D =D

    Take THAT, jealous mean hunter.

  2. Congrats. I have a friend who insists that AFK mean A Free Kill :)

    and im jealous of your new mount :) but glad you got it and glad you got to share getting it with your friends and family

  3. I approve of AFK ganking. Because I play a Mage.

    After all, AFK ganking is just about the only way to do it with Clothies.

  4. "A Free Kill" is what my son calls it, too. For some reason, he seems to take AFK as a person affront . . . like, "if you're going to take up server space you better be in the chair, actively playing the game, dangit. Or I'll kill you."

    I make fun of him for cheating on his HK count . . . 'cause honestly . . . how can you call it "honorable" to mow down an opponent who's incapable of defending himself?

    But I know, I know . . . it happens. It's one more reason I love playing Night Elf. Or a stealthing class would work, too. Before I go AFK (and with a 2 y.o. around, it comes up pretty often), I always step behind a tree or into a bush or onto a roof and Shadowmeld. Ewe must not only be vindictive, but also a moron, to sit AFK in the open in a popular quest hub . . . when she has the ability to sit there virtually invisible.

  5. I just noticed. The Phoenix Hatchling, and probably every flying pet, can now really fly. If you fly it follows you. On ever altitude.


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