Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A E I O U, or "Brewfest Grammar Police"

Me: Is anyone else disturbed by that murderer of the English language? ...hic!
Brother: what are you referring to?
Guildie: no ur just drunk
Me: Guild name "Trolling Is A Art."
Brother: is he... a troll?
Me: Yes. But he used "a" instead of "an." He's a monster!
Brother: Sorry... is he AN troll?
Me: Hiss.
Brother: Their their, Beth, it's okay.
Me: /CRY

I don't mind internet shorthand, don't get me wrong. I correct people when they misspell stuff, but I don't insist everyone type stuff out in properly-formed sentences.

But such a blatant grammatical mistake in your own guild name?

/flails of horror


  1. Oh yeah. It drives me absolutely bonkers how many people play rouges.

    But "Trolling Is A Art"? lol . . that is multiple layers of awesome.

    You're brother sounds like he is to.


  2. On the German realms they mess up v and f. And they start to make the same mistake with p and b and with t and d... In 5 years were down to about 5 letters... -.-

  3. As a German student, all those letters either make the opposite sound, or make a different sound entirely. The vowels, especially, confuse people.

    Volkswagon, for instance, is actually pronounced 'folksvagen'.

    As for trolling Grammar nuts, that's just mean. I fux up every now and then myself.

  4. Me thinks you just got trolled by an entire guild...

    Sparks grammar nazi response...

    Perfect trolling 10/10

  5. There is a guild on my server called "Heroes of Stromwind".

  6. I have to agree with gnomeaggedon, Birdfall. Is the trolling not awesome when it hooks you to spend a whole column on it? I think they gotcha.


  7. Here in Brazil I hate when people use "archive" instead of "achiev". They doesn´t seem to understand the difference, even if I explain e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e.


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