Friday, September 4, 2009

Healing in PVP, or "I Like Healing Unkillable People"

I healed in arenas for a bit. The other team identifies you and you get a HoT or two off before they kill you.

I quit arenas pretty soon after we started (it was the waiting for our games to pop as much as the games themselves) and started healing battlegrounds.

Which is the funnest thing ever.

My favorite part is that you can stay in the back and if your dps is good enough, they'll keep the other team so busy trying to survive, they won't even notice you.

I went to a WSG with a prot warrior friend who tanks raids for our guild, and we more or less two-manned that game. Our team kept them a bit busy, but he ran the flag and I healed the 5% of health he lost every now and then, and we were unstoppable.

I went into an Eye of the Storm this morning and had two really great unstoppable dps that I just followed around healing. They could not die even with five people on them, as long as I kept something coming.

I used bg chat to roll around in the happy a moment: "I like healing unkillable people."

Another person replied: "You should heal us killable people too." (Paraphrased from the gibberish it actually was.)

It bummed me a bit, because I had been. I heal anyone in my range who needs it, regardless of gear or level.

Things I've learned from healing battlegrounds:
  • Grid is as amazing as everyone says it is.
  • People like to leave healers on defense alone, where they can't heal anyone and can't defend anything.
  • Going in with at least 1 dps who will make an effort to stay near you can win you the game.
  • It can be therapeutic to yell "Don't you hurt my honey!" in Vent while you heal your injured spouse to full.
  • If you accept a bg invite while in an instance, it ports you to the nearest graveyard when you get out.
  • If you're traveling in flight form when you enter, you'll still be in the air when you get out -- but you won't be in flight form.
  • Certain times of day are better than others.
  • A healer in the right place at the right time can turn the tide of a battle.
  • Some things, you can't outheal. Like stupid. Or their entire team.
  • When you are trying to outheal another healer, and you're evenly matched, the one who wins is the one whose dps realizes they shouldn't be attacking the other dps. They should be attacking the healer.
  • Defense is boring. Winning is fun.
  • Rotating defensive positions between several people keeps individuals from rebelling and leaving something completely undefended.
  • Getting PUGs to coordinate is painful. Getting a premade to coordinate is delightful.
  • Playing defense can be fun with a friend.
  • The more you can be aware of what everyone is doing around you, the smarter your play will be.
  • Stealthers can retake or defend positions more cleverly than anyone else.
  • Taking the time to open and study your map in an unfamiliar battleground is better than following others with no clue where you are or where you should be.
  • One healer is good. Two is great. But a team of only healers loses.
  • Staying in stealth until people need heals makes me giggle.
And so on and so forth.


  1. Totally agree. Early in my WoW experience, while still trying to figure this game out, I tried WSG with a severely undergeared, level 18 prot warrior, got beat senseless by rogues with three times my health and hated it.

    Many months later, I tried the BGs with a resto druid I'd started playing and man, oh man. I mean, there were some expected improvements like me learning the value of "good gear". But the really big difference was that there just aren't enough dedicated healers in the BGs so everyone loves you when you show up with Nature's Swiftness + Healing Touch and start throwing around Rejuvenates like parade candy.

    I learned to really enjoy the BGs playing a healer. It gave me a good, valuable role to play while learning the maps & objectives & strategies.

  2. Ironically, at 80, I much prefer my Ret spec to my Holy spec for Battlegrounds. Perhaps it's because my wife plays a Disc Priest and my sister plays a Resto Druid?... hrm.

    I loved healing pre-80 BGs because, like Jack noted, there aren't enough healers in the "still levelling" brackets. I even had a lvl 19 twink Holy Priest before the heavy nerfs to twink enchants and we tended to win games purely because every other well-geared player was a Rogue, Hunter or (more rarely) Warrior, but... my twinks got heals, theirs didn't.

  3. I started healing wintergrasp and I'm having a blast, but I'm not entirely sure what to do when I enter a BG as a healer. Do I announce it in BG chat or do I just stay on some dps and hope they don't suck?
    I guess it depends on the BG, with a place like WSG it seems important to know who can heal...

  4. Hm. Next post... the paths I take in bg's.

  5. One of my Guildmates is a resto Druid.

    It's rare to see him die. At all. Really, he once had 15 people on in him in WG before they managed to kill him.

    I was laughing too hard to act as support.


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