Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Help Me, or "The Low and the Desperate"

Request from a Level 52 to a Level 80
"can u help me?"
"what do you need?"
"well i need hhelp trying to get a mount the. foollow me"

Request from a Level 48 to a Level 80
"okay umm can you by any chance help me do that ill pay you every gold i have it should b 6 gold"

These are so sad they're almost not funny.

Approaching a stranger for something is like going to a job interview. You have to make them want to help you. There has to be something in it for the person helping, and you have to communicate clearly and make sure people know what's going on.

When Mr. 52 whispered me with a request for anything from the ram reins to run the Brewfest quest to the Zulian Tiger in Stranglethorn Vale, my reaction was an automatic "hell no" (okay, I said a little more than that and quite a bit more politely, but that was my first instinct).

Let's say he wanted the Direbrew mount, since that's what it probably was (plenty of people don't realize you no longer need the mount as a drop to get Brewmaster).

First, I want the ram on my druid so there's a stranger rolling against me. Second, he's 52 and doesn't have a summon so our summons would be limited. Third, he's 52 and can't help fight so he's dead weight. Fourth, he's a stranger so why would I waste my precious once-a-day summon on him when my guildmates want it?

How could he have phrased it to make me help him?
  • He (or a friend of his) has a summon.
  • I don't have to use my summon.
  • He lets me roll against him if something cool drops.
That's the only way I'd help a complete stranger. The only way.

Let's look at Mr. Level 48. He asked a guildie for help killing Direbrew and offered to pay. I'm more sympathetic to his case, but he still has the same major roadblock that Mr. 52 had -- no summon to offer.

How could he have phrased it to make her help him?
  • He'll pass on everything, just wants the kill.
  • He brings his own summon (self or friend).
  • She doesn't have to use her summon.
You don't have a lot of bargaining room when you're low level wanting to do high level things. You make cuts and sacrifices and, if those don't work, you keep leveling until you have enough to trade with.

When you don't get to join the big kids, suck it up and do the low level stuff for now. Brewfest will be back again next year when you're 80.


  1. > When you don't get to join the big kids, suck
    > it up. Brewfest will be back again next year
    > when you're 80.


    Birdi is angry. :-)

    But maybe, just maybe, they didn't want a ram. They might have settled for a phoenix.

    I agree. Helping strangers that ask for help isn't worth it. The people who ask for help are the ones who never return the favor (friends excluded of course).

    Also I love the:

    /1 how do I make my ram go faster?

    You can't read the stupid quest log but you're willing to read the answer in /1? What's wrong with you?

  2. XD I edited that line a bit. "suck it up and do the low level stuff for now"

    It's the advice I took myself last year for Birdfall. She hit Brewmaster this year b/c she's 80 and could pug the Direbrew.

  3. Same for my Paladin during Children's Week. I could only do the Azeroth stuff. Oh well.


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