Friday, May 1, 2009

Children's Week 2009, or "No Northrend Orphans?"

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I think they took the Silvermoon step out of the Outlands horde questline but not the Exodar out of the alliance.

I got the flag return part of Hard Knocks right after I entered WSG. O.O A single draenei had picked it up, I killed her (as a 80 shadow priest with NO pvp gear but decent pve gear) in the tunnel, she dropped it, and I had time to get out my orphan (can't in combat) and click the flag. So perhaps defending the flag room is your best bet for this one?

Also got the flag return with Birdfall at 74 after several frustrating games. There are tons of low levels in the battlegrounds right now, so if you're 80 it should actually be a lot easier. You just need to stay close to the flag room until it gets picked up and make sure you have your orphan out. (I returned one flag a guy dropped on purpose but didn't have my orphan out! ACK!) I'd also recommend 80's go for [Frenzied Defender] while there are so many lowbies in WSG right now.


  1. Looks like they removed the Achievement that you get for killing 10 players with their Orphan out in BGs as well...

  2. That makes me a sad panda. I really wanted to get a new Northrend pet. I would have LOVED a baby Kaluak.

  3. Just a heads up, not related to this post:

    I don't know if I'm just oblivious and hadn't noticed before, but my Fool for Love meta now has Lovely Luck is on Your Side as part of the requirements. I never got the dress, but I still have the meta, so I don't know if it'll count towards the drake or not... So far it says it does, but my husband's achievement is incomplete now.

    Also, sucks about the northrend orphans, I really really wanted one. :o(

  4. I actually got the 'Not In My House' Achievement by camping the WSG flag room with a Rogue, Warrior and Enhancement Shaman :)

    Just some tips for people who are primarily PvE'ers if I may:

    1) If you've got any Stonekeeper's Shards or Honor at all, now is the time to sink it into PvP gear with Resilience on it. Go for some of the gear at the Wintergrasp vendor if you have any WG marks. This gear is of pretty high PvP quality.
    2) Grab a few Resilience gems or Stamina gems and stick them into your new gear. Swap a couple of the PvP pieces in when you go into the battlegrounds.
    3) Buy some form of PvP trinket that removes movement impairing or root effects. This is essential for when you finally do grab the flag such as in Eye of the Storm. You do not want to waste the opportunity if some mage comes alone and frostbolts your ass whilst you stand there frost nova'd. Get a trinket, and keep on moving!

    In my opinion the hardest achievement is capture the Eye of the Storm flag. With so many people going for the flag I found the following things useful for when I got the achievement:

    1) People are not defending bases. People who have the achievement or don't care for it will be defending the bases. This means that you will have to think on your feet when you finally do grab the flag.
    2) Lots of people are going for the flag meaning that when you finally do clear the area around it you are then competing with your own faction for the flag. To solve this problem I highly recommend getting Deadly Boss Mods from as it will allow you to see a respawn timer for the flag so you can frantically click the area it will spawn.
    3) PvP gear with high stamina and resilience. This is near vital for this achievement. People will be AoE'ing the flag area so hard because of the mass of people around it. To survive you need stamina and resilience. This is especially important if you are not a healer.

    Hope these come in use for you all :)

  5. Concerning the 1st tip for the EoTS achievement I meant that you will be in EoTS with the bases being more fluctuating than ever in terms of control so you may find yourself running towards the enemy for a base cap instead of away from them :)

  6. I don't know if anyone found this out yet but for the Daily Chores Achievement it counts the 5th consecutive turn in. I already have this achievement! x) I had been doing the Argent Tournament stuff everyday and today I turned them in with my Orphan following me and got credit! So for my title all I need is UP now. x)

  7. Wow. Thanks, Pez! :D

    They might hotfix this, so let's get it real quick. ^_^

  8. Gah another thing. Supposedly if you get the Home Alone Achievement and log out it doesn't save?

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  10. The Exodar step is in the Alliance version of the outland orphan quest chain. I had to take my orphan there this weekend.


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