Monday, May 18, 2009

Delusions of Right Take 2, or "When GMs Do Nothing and Ninjas Harass You"

I'm surprised most people jumped on the Martin Fury controversy in my other post and completely ignored what my guild was going through. Frankly, the guild situation has been a lot more frustrating.

After guildmates talked to the offender's guildmaster, who plopped some platitudes down but did nothing, they submitted a group ticket to GMs, who plopped some platitudes down but did nothing. So, our last resort, an officer posted a public Zuluhed post warning about the master looter (Op) as a ninja.

The most promising part of the adventure was when Equilibrio told his GM that the master looter likely lied to his GM to get Calamity's Grasp (by not mentioning he lost it in a roll) -- Equilibrio's GM was pissed.

But nothing came of it.

On the other hand, we can probably report the master looter some more for continuing to harass our guild. He's sexually assaulted an afk Equilibrio (screenshotted), got Morphy kicked from an Archavon run (Morphy got removed randomly and then Op whispered on an alt to laugh at him), and is bragging about Calamity's Grasp with his guildmates in trade (and taunted my guildie for asking them to be quiet because my guildie's best friend was supposed to get that item) and would keep bragging about it in our vent if we hadn't banned him.

Harassment takes an especially vindictive type of person, and it becomes personal in a way ninja looting doesn't. I wanted justice for my friends when it was a simple ninja loot case, but now I just want Op to die in a pile of flaming poo. He's being a massive jerk about something he did wrong, and it just makes you want to hit him.


  1. It is frightening that the ass was on your vent.

    It is a shame that you don't seem to be able to straighten out the gear dispute. The harassment, though, is the worse offense. Absolutely. Maybe if you keep supplying evidence of his harassment to Blizz . . . well, there must be some term of service that addresses harassment, right?

  2. Really sad that there are people in the world who decide to be that much of a jerk in a game.

    Regrettable, Blizz's policy seems to be that once an item is in a character's inventory it belongs to them (at least, to that character, everything of course, belongs to Blizzard). So putting in tickets about ninja'ing doesn't seem to work much but it's still worth a try.

    As for the harassment, the guy's actions -should- fall under the code of conduct section of the Terms of Use:

    Section 9 "When engaging in Chat, you may not: ":A:vi "Harass, threaten, stalk, embarrass or cause distress, unwanted attention or discomfort to any user of the Game;"

    That being the point it falls MOST under, but it seems to fit the first as well. However from my experience and from accounts of my acquaintances, the general response from a GM will be to put the person on ignore and that'll be all they do. :(

    Coincidentally, Section 9:C:iii is basically Blizz's justification for banning the Martin Fury guy, sorry it eclipsed your last post, until this one I didn't fully understand what this Op guy had done.

  3. Speaking for myself, I focused on the Martin Fury case because this one is so blatantly bad . . . it's hard to imagine anyone trying to justify this type of behavior. There is no justification for it.

    Martin Fury is in a gray area where people can do things that are unfair, but be totally ignorant to the fact that what their doing is unfair. And while ignorance does not (and should not, IMO) let you escape the penalty of your actions, whether or not you did something wrong ignorantly or intentionally reflects on you as a person. I thought you were judging the guys who did it kinda' harshly. Maybe they deserved to have their reputations shredded . . . or maybe they were fine people who just deserved to have their accounts banned and maybe next time they'll be wiser for it. It's a debateable topic.

    The rectitude of Op's actions is not debatable. He's an ass. Plain and simple.

  4. Look, at the end of the day you CAN get the guy banned for harrassment. It's in Blizzards rule books. My girlfriend got 3 players a 48 hour ban and account warning for being openly sexist in general chat. Needless to say when they came back from said ban they apologized. The account warning means if they do it again and she alerts the GM's then they will get a week. Do it a third time and they get banned for good.

    If it were me he would have already have had this ban. If one GM won't give you a proper answer, keep trying. They can't just ignore your tickets and they will eventually realise the seriousness of the issue. Most GM's think player disputes are little kiddy issues and for the most part they are so you really have to push hard to prove your point in an adult way. Most of the time though they won't deal with player disputes.

    This particular issue has become more than just about a ninja issue as the vindictive nature of Op has gone beyond him simply being a ninja.

    At the end of the day, you guys agreed when you entered that instance to let him be the Master Looter. If you did not like that particular assignment or didn't know the ML, then you should have had this immediately changed. You risked it and now you pay the price as unfortunate as that is.

    If I am in a PuG I just go with the flow if I get some gear then great. However I have made that decision to get myself potentially saved to a run where I don't know the ML. In my guild runs I know the ML as a trustworthy and fair guardian of the loot and therefore im 100% happy in getting myself saved and spending time preparing for the raid.

  5. I'm not sure I meant to criticize the Martin Fury guys as people, I just wanted to make a point that they weren't innocent. I think they were self-deluded but not malicious.

    Anyway. The public forum post for Op made my brother yell at me. >_> Sort of. I have litmus test for jerks where I let slip that I'm a girl and cry easily. If they back off, there might be hope for them. If they don't, they truly and sincerely are horrible people.

    My brother didn't like me mentioning I cry in a forum known for excessive trolling.

  6. Though it might be redundant, be sure in our GM ticket to note the time, location, channel (whether it was in a global or /say or something) and the generalization of what the person was saying (as Jiriki posted; "sexist comments"), I've had to report people for saying some pretty nasty stuff (mostly racist in the case I refer to) in trade before and since the log can be HUGE giving the GM a good sense of where to look made things go a lot faster.

    Hope the GM's can shut the guy up for your guild :)


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