Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Game Fuel Robot Pets

WoW Insider mentioned that most people who enter the Mountain Dew game will get an ingame pet. I went ahead and signed up and will now go over what seems to be happening.

Click here and register. That's all you need for the pet.

You can use their promotions once a day to earn tokens. Every token is an entry into the drawing for swag gear, but the pet is not included in the list of prizes. If you want those prizes go for them, but tokens aren't needed for the pet.

Head to "How Do I Earn Tokens?" They have a list of things to do.
  • Sign in every day.
  • Invite friends through email.
  • Create a garish banner (aka Faction Flag) like I did at the top to refer people who click on it. (It WILL be removed as soon as this thing is over -- in 9 days.)
  • Watch a video, any video, in the provided link.
  • Click the MySpace link, click the image on the right.
  • Click the Facebook link, click the "Boxes" tab, click the Game Fuel image.
  • Click the Callout link, click Game Fuel image.
  • Go to this Twitter page, find and click the link "". It's used in several replies and I don't think it matters which one you click.

This is the pet. I am not sure what affects the color you get -- if you can choose or if those who pick horde on the website get the red and alliance get the blue, or if the color is affected based on which character you give it to in WoW itself.

I'm hoping we get to choose because I wanted the blue for Birdy. /nervous

It has been confirmed that you just need to enter to get the pet, you don't need tokens. An admin said:
The Pet will be free to users who register with the promotion and have a Blizzard account. You won't have to use points for it.
Thanks to my pet-obsessed guild leader for poking me to clarify.


  1. I believe that the pet has no color when you get it - there should be a screenshot of that out there somewhere. I think the gimmick is that you have to put the appropriate "game fuel" into it, thus giving it that Dewy glow.

    When you register for the promotion, it makes you choose a faction. I wonder if that will end up being your color choice as well?

  2. A commenter on the Dew thread says "Blue is the alliance fuel, red is the horde fuel."

    So it seems that the pet is the same but the fuel on your faction is different.

  3. 8D

    I love me some free pets. Saw this yesterday and entered.


  4. just eneted, I'm a sucker for pets!

  5. Just registered ><
    omg I want that pet =/

  6. I hope it works for non-US residents. I entered a fake US address, hope it works only by email.

  7. I registered with my Canadian address... I hope I'll get it /fingers crossed. Maybe if I QQ moar on their forums?

  8. It won't allow my Canadian address. /fail

    "OOPS! You're not eligible to participate. You must be a legal U.S. resident."

    Blizzard hates Canadians.

  9. Registered a new account under my old email address, providing a fake American address (lawl 90210). I think that's the zip code EVERY Canadian uses when they fake American citizenship.

  10. I signed up for mine the other day after seeing this on WoW insider. Free parts are awesome. Perhaps I should sign my fiancee up as well. If she sees me with a new pet she could have gotten, she would probably not be too happy with me.

  11. Just entered again, this time with a fake US address... Wish us Canadians luck!! Also, Julie, I was told on the wowinsider forums that it's not Blizzard that's blocking it to Canadians, it's Pepsico. They're not launching the drink up here, so they're not opening it up to Canadians. Blizzard apparently does include Canada in US realm stuff when it's solely them that run it (though I haven't played the game long enough to have seen any other type of thing like this...)

  12. Anyone knows what do we have to do after register?
    Just wait? When pet will arrive? ty^^

  13. Just wait. I'm not sure when they'll send out pets.


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