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After years of extensive warrior training by her level 60 (elite) father, Windwhistler goes to the forests of Azuremyst Isle to train jewelcrafting with Silverhoof, who got his name from a smelting accident when he was an apprentice in the Exodar.

Windwhistler lives with Silverhoof in his cottage while she trains, and she tends to the mundane details of cooking and fetching firewood. Silverhoof is significantly older than her, and gruff, but she secretly falls in love with him. But, lo, the Venture Company is trying to drive him out of the area, and has been for some time, so that they can take all of the good mining.

One day when Silverhoof comes home wounded, and Windwhistler takes him to the priest in the nearby village, she straps on her mail and lifts her sword and shield. Heeding no one, she sets out and methodically kicks the butt of every last Venture Company worker and supervisor.

Though Windwhistler wins Silverhoof back his home and learns that she even has his (gruff and unsentimental) love, they both know that the leaders of the Venture Company will cherish a grudge against them for a very long time. These days, they're planning the wedding and watching their backs.

(Taken straight from her old profile post.)

Windwhistler is statuesque and curvaceous due to her Draenei genes.  Her curves tend to hide the definition of her muscles, but she is as strong as she is friendly.

She loves being around people, particularly farmers.  She'll help a neighbor plow his field just as easily as she'll sit and enjoy a pint of ale with friends.

Outfit, Pet, Mounts
Her favorite pet is a simple pig, an engagement present from her beloved Silverhoof, though she also looks forward to having a child to mentor from the Argent Tournament.  She is very good with children.

Her ground mount is a brown bear.  Her desired flying mount is the one that will clearly show that she is a woman in love -- the Big Love Rocket -- though she realizes it may be many years until she can reach that goal.  (She'd also be happy with a Lilac Hippogryph, which they promised long ago and never put in the game.)

For gear, view her armory.

Interesting Fact
Windwhistler was named after my favorite My Little Pony, featured in the movie.
Erudite and logical, others find Wind Whistler confusing or think her cold-hearted due to her bad habit of being a bit of a downer. She seems to be the Pegasus Pony that Megan rides most often, and it appears that she and Megan share a close bond of friendship as seen in some episodes.  (source)