Thursday, November 25, 2010

Up for Grabs, or "Stuff You Can Do"

I've seen engineering flying machines running around in cities but not flying.  Bug or working as intended?

Saw a person in a hardcore guild on a Goblin mount.

Available Pets:
  • Singing Sunflower: Quest in Hillsbrad Foothills just south of where Dalaran used to be.
  • Mr. Grubbs: Drops from bags from grubs in Eastern Plaguelands just like the Oozeling dropped off oozes.  Pre-req quest chain.
  • Withers: Alliance quest and Horde vendor (BOP).
  • [edit] Flamefly (Thanks Sarayana!)
  • Visit Gnomeregan
  • Visit Echo Isles
They're not full cities yet, but they're visitable.

Quartermasters for the new races are available in Darnassus and Orgrimmar.  Get their tabards to nom some rep pre-Cata.


  1. One problem with the rep... It's a bug (surprise) and right now you can't get any rep... Unless they've solved it already? (Wasn't working yesterday.)

    And to get the grub companion you have to do a questline and get a buff.

  2. I noticed I could pull out my carpets in Orgrimmar. I almost flew it off the side of the flight area, and would have if not for my daughter telling me, "Look, when you hit the space bar it doesn't do anything!". This may be an as intended item...if all profession mounts double as land and flight mounts.

  3. There's another minipet: the flamefly!!

    Info on how to get it here:

    I got it two days ago and it's quickly becoming a favourite. :)

  4. Shawndra's got it right, it's intended to be able to use crafted mounts in cities.


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