Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pilgrim's Bounty, or "Oh Hey, Another Holiday I Forgot"

Husband: "I've been messing with [Husband's Best Friend] all day.  I'm 1 bubble from 80 on my mage but I keep going around doing all the Pilgrim's Bounty cooking and stuff instead of dinging.  It's driving him crazy.  I think I'll stay 79 for as long as possible."

Me: "Oh hey, it's Pilgrim's Bounty!  O.O"

So, considering that I'm going to see the new Harry Potter in 2 hours and don't have time to investigate the holiday properly (I have never ever done PB before), just be aware that it's Pilgrim's Bounty this week and you can level cooking for cheap on your characters.

And there's a turkey pet if you get the holiday achievement.

I'll write something guide-ish up later.  Guide after break.

Start in any city. It doesn't matter. The feasts are all set up just outside the entrance of each city.  If a city is under Invasion, you may have to wait until it's over to get your feast on (i.e. Thunder Bluff)

Bountiful Feasts (Achievement)

Sit at any table in the feasting area and eat five helpings at each chair (do this at all major cities for an achievement).  The result is also a "Spirit of Sharing" which increases REP GAIN by 10%.  Darn useful if you're working on rep.

Pass food by selecting another player sitting at your table and click the "Pass" button.  Pass one of each food for an achievement.

For another achievement, pass food quickly to another person.  If they don't eat fast enough, your pass will "Bounce" and you'll get the "FOOD FIGHT!" achievement.

Dailies (Achievement)

Get to your Pilgrim's Bounty Vendor (outside any city or town) and buy [Bountiful Cookbook].  Loot it to receive holiday recipes.  You can max out your cooking with these recipes.

The dailies will request that you cook one or more of the recipes, but you need to get the ingredients to make things.

Do all of the dailies once to get the achievement.

Ingredient Locations
  • Cranberries: Orgrimmar / Ironforge
  • Pumpkin: Undercity / Stormwind
  • Sweet Potatoes: Thunder Bluff / Darnassus
  • Huntable Turkeys: Tirisfal Glades / Elwynn Forest
You need to cook one item of each recipe to get the corresponding achievement.

PVP Danger (Achievement)

Wear a holiday clothing item and sit at a feast table in every major city of the opposing faction.

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