Monday, November 8, 2010

Enchanting Pets, or "Faction Lamps"

Here's the skinny on enchanting pets: horde gets the blue lantern, alliance gets the pink lamp.

Lantern requires enchanting 525, 8 Heavenly Shards, 1 Maelstrom Crystal, 8 Hypnotic Dust.

Lamp requires enchanting 525, 8 Heavenly Shards, 1 Maelstrom Crystal, 4 Greater Celestial Essence.

The lamps are NOT bind-on-pickup.  They're currently tradable, which means you can sell them on the Neutral AH.

I'm not sure whether selling enchanting mats or manufacturing endgame enchants (+ these pets) will make you more money at the start of Cata.  I suppose it depends on your access to materials.  If you can get massive amounts of enchanting mats quickly and regularly, including the materials for these pets, you'll probably make more gold by getting to the end of your enchanting and selling products.  But if you're limited on time and resources, it would probably be best to sell enchanting mats at exorbitant prices for power-levelers and then level your own skill when prices go down.

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