Friday, November 5, 2010

Twilight Infiltration, or "More Cataclysm Pre-Events"

I'm home from work sick.  *cough/sneeze*  So let's do this in as efficient a way as possible. (Alliance will be up when I get to it.)


[Orgrimmar: Valley of Strength, south of bank]

The Situation So Far: Go to Valley of Wisdom, in the room with Thrall, talk to the guy.  If you enjoy lore, stay a minute and listen to the arguments between the leaders.  :)  [end of quest chain]

Prophecies of Doom: Go to the Drag (map) and pick up scrolls by the doomsayers.  While doing this, talk to a Doomsayer and ask for a speech.

Signs of the Times: Look for posts with blue arrows above them.  Post sign x5.

Sign Post
Infiltrating the Cult: Go to any Doomsayer in the Drag and loot the crate by him/her.  Put the robe on and head to Jaggedswine Farm juuuust southeast of Org.

The Missing: At Jaggedswine Farm, keep your recruit's robe on and speak to Kagarn, Agtar, Tokka, and Rokaga.

Spreading the Word: Wear your sign at the designated locations (put it on before you enter the locations or it won't qualify).  Map.

Sandwich Board
The Master's Plan: Go to the altar just to your east (seen in screenshot here) and wait for the speech.
Elemental Device
The Doomsday Plan: Return to the original quest-giver in Org.

Thwarting Twilight's Hammer: Break rotating bobble devices (see screenshot) and kill resulting elementals.
Alert Our Leaders: Head back to Thrall's room and tell dumb-face Garrosh what's going on.

[end quest chains]


  1. Tripping the rifts too... Google it. You pick up a quick 13g turn in quest from those.

  2. I'm considering trying the horde side quests just to see what it's like - all my toons are alliance.

  3. Are the Alliance quests almost the same?
    I'm considering doing them just to see what it's like... :P

  4. Would have replied earlier, but I spilt milk on my keyboard and had to get a new one.

    Tripping the Rifts. Woo! Didn't know about this, will do it.

  5. The Alliance quests are very similar. You can grab the first one in IF and then turn it in and do the rest in SW. If you start in SW the IF quest is no longer available.

    And you can do one element from Tripping the Rifts as a daily as long as getting all 4 types for the achievement.


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