Monday, November 1, 2010

Outfit of the Month, or "Fists of the Phoenix"

What: Talon of the Phoenix (13% droprate) / Claw of the Phoenix (11% droprate)
Dropped From: Al'ar in Tempest Keep: The Eye

These are mainhand and offhand fist weapons and are super-duper-amazing-looking.  The claws move and it's just a terrific effect.  I hope to farm these with husband's best friend some day, even though I can't wear them.

Honestly, I don't see any point in not allowing all classes to train all types of weapons.  If the stats are lousy for you, they're lousy for you, but you should be allowed to wear things to look pretty!

I've been feeling a similar frustration with armor.  Roleplay cloth wearers are limited in their selections, and I'm hoping that the new "armor specialization" coming out in Cataclysm will eventually usher in the ability for cloth wearers to expand their wardrobes.  It's a longshot -- much longer a shot than fist weapons on a priest -- but I still maintain the vague hope.


  1. Have to admit it. Those are some pretty fancy claws. *sigh* Clothies seemed to get screwed out of everything awesome. We can't equip about 2/3 of the gear, and we can MAYBE solo an instance 15 levels below us, and even then we have to respec for it.

  2. Agreed with much gusto. Shields too please. :P


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