Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bullies are Stupid, or "My Brother-in-Law (-in-Law) is Better Than You"

It takes a lot to make me /spit on someone. When I /spit, it indicates the lowest possible opinion of that person's mental faculties, personality, and parentage. When I /spit, it means "Yes, I think I'm better than you. Maybe not a better player, but a better person in every sense of the phrase."

I mainly reserve it for server bullies, the people who take pleasure in seeking out the weak (or distracted) and terrorizing them. Campers. Face-sitters.* Impotent losers. The kind of people girls like to laugh at and who then take it out on people in game because it makes them feel more powerful and less like the social refuse they are.

Anyway, even though I know if the people I'm calling social refuse read this they'll laugh and point, prod the sore spots of the story and overall make even bigger jerks of themselves, it's anecdotal and I'm willing to put myself out there for my readers. And it doesn't hurt that I'd IP ban if they showed up and I could figure out how.

* Face-sitting is a way some people "rape" the player they've just killed. It's called tea-bagging. I had a friend hurt irl, so I find it especially Not Funny.

This is What Happened

Husband and I were getting our quest on at level 79 at a high traffic time in a daily quest area. We were on the end of a quest chain and wanting to finish it. Four guys from a known ganker guild came along and smushed us while we were on a mob.

One of our raid leaders, a sweetheart warrior named Fently, was nearby and came out to help us. The three of us took those four down, me healing my husband and Fently doing just fine on his own. They kept rezzing, we kept trying to finish our quest, and occasionally they'd get one of us, but for the most part we (okay, Fently) owned their rears.

Other questing horde showed up and kept them down long enough for us to finish and move on. Fently went back to his previous spot and we moved to the next area.

You might think we'd have four of them on us within minutes. No no. Five. On two. They'd called in a healer and remained to camp us. Husband was starting to get his frustrated voice, so I suggested we just let them sit around our corpses for a while and do something else. Waste their time.

Husband waited for them to get enough away so that we could rez and fly off, and I really didn't have a good feeling about it, but we got back to the Sons of Hodir safe spot.

The gankers started trickling in, so I /spat on them as they arrived. They'd started it, after all. They'd insisted on not letting it go when we moved on, and they'd made husband use his frustrated voice. I never asked to be on a PVP server, and you ought to know my feelings about world PVP by now.

They /laughed and /pitied and I finally /bored with them. /spit is eloquent enough imo, and I had no interest in elaborating upon our relationship. When I told husband about /spit later, he said "Oh," and after that it took him a good while to convince me he thought they deserved it but it was probably what made them do what they did next. Not an explanation I like, and please refrain from backing it up in the comments because I'll start crying again, but it was honest and most likely true. I know and have always known that bullies pick on you more if you react.

So we couldn't continue questing, of course. But some people were talking about an instance, and we were willing to get experience pretty much any way we could, particularly if it was somewhere the trash of the server couldn't show up, so we were hovering around waiting on them to decide when and where.

Except, while we were waiting, the gankers stayed around me. Like, close in, surrounding me.

Husband suggested I fly west, so I did, no particular aim in sight, just waiting for the instance to get together.

They followed.

I thought I'd flown enough and they'd lost interest, but apparently ganking and emoting wasn't enough for them anymore. They flocked around me, and I decided that the best way to ignore them was to go afk.

I stayed at my computer, just watching gchat and making sure they didn't try to hurt me while in the air (I don't think they could do much while in my druid flight form, but). I wasn't particularly interested in starting anything new or continuing anything old. I was finished, if they weren't it was their problem.

The instance took a while to get together. Fently was going to tank, but there was some confusion on my part as to the hold up. I think we were looking for a healer, and the guild leader couldn't heal because his wife was almost home.

Either way, I was chatting in gchat and my brother's wife's little brother (my brother-in-law-in-law), a brilliant mischievous longtime druid, told me about a trick he found. It's a trick I hate sharing, but I have to if I want to tell this story right.

If you're high enough, and you have a good line-up, you can typhoon people off their mounts.

It puts you in combat, and he says hitting escape helps get you out of combat faster, but once you're out of combat, you can get into flight form again. You live, they die.

I did it, but I couldn't tell if I got any of them. My husband, toward the ground, laughed and said he heard one of them yelling. I grinned and hoped I'd gotten one, and then I realized I could check my combat log.


Not only did it hit two of them, it crit.

That is probably my happiest world PVP moment to date. XD


  1. Grats! Funny story and I'm glad you got the last laugh.

  2. I probably shouldnt say "funny story" .. since I too despise jerks like the ones you describe. I should say funny ending to a frustrating experience.

  3. Here I assumed this was about you Typhooning that would-be ganker back into the city where the guards were waiting to kill him for you. I guess you're enjoying your Druid?

    Hroska TOTALLY deserved that. Jerkface Hunter.

    Lastly, be careful of Ally Druids doing the same to you when you're not on your Drood (can't be dismounted from Flight Form). They can IMMEDIATELY drop combat with their new racial, so it's much easier and safer for them to pull crap like that.

  4. Oh yes, I forgot about that other typhoon.

    My gear was mostly broken from Heroic Nexus last night and I ran out to repair it. There were some gankers messing with a paladin, so I healed the pally (who just stood there doing nothing, *sigh*) and the rogue turned on me (with 1/4th of my health from the instance and broken gear) and pounded me flat.

    I ran back, rezzed, and flew into camp where a guy seemed to think he could kill me. He smacked me once, I ran off, and returned in flight form to see the guards smooshing his face. But he was running away, and I knew they'd deaggro soon, so I flew and landed in front of him and typhooned him back into town.

    He died. XD

  5. *laughs hard*

    Apparently, Druids can do the same thing mages can:

    Knock people from their mounts. God, being a Fire Mage is just about the best thing for PvE, and it makes it invariably safer to get away *and* gank opposing forces.

    Blastwave. Granted, with a mage, you have to dismount, cast Blastwave, and then just Featherfall to the ground. From high enough up, that's instant death. Period. Only three classes can survive the interrupt/dazed combination that results as well: Another Mage (Featherfall), Rogues (who apparently have a passive slow fall, which is retared), and Paladins (Bubbles).

    I managed to kill a level 80 Warrior that had been harassing me in Crystalsong Forest. It was glorious.

  6. That is awesome. And don't worry about sharing something PvP jerks will take advantage of . . . anyone who likes PvP probably either already knows the trick or has friends who'll teach him. Not that I think all PvPers are jerks. I don't think that and I actually really like PvP myself . . . within bounds of fair play.

    But that's a different topic. What's important here is just how awesome it is that you were able to pull off a neat-o trick to put some jerks who crossed the bounds of fair play squarely in their place. In terms everyone, no matter how neanderthal, clearly understood.

    Seriously. That is sweet.

  7. Mischievous? I'm not mischievous!

    I'll take brilliant, though.

    And if you're not quite high enough to drop out of bird and back before you break combat, and taunting the offenders to go higher isn't working, just take off your armor and do it anyways. No damage to you, repair bill to them.

    I only do it to people who truly deserve it, though. People who've done something bad to somebody I know or people who are in the process of doing bad, I'm always willing to lend a Typhoon.

  8. *guiltily scuffs the ground* I tend to Blastwave any Alliance I see out of the air ASAP. But that's because Shattered Halls has a small pop, and I'm a glutton for punishment.


  9. "It's called Warcaft not Pillow-Fight Craft"
    - 2007 Blizzcon, World of Warcraft movie panel

    My general rule is to attack Hordies on sight, but I make so many exceptions (outside of battlegrounds) to try and be fair, that I really get into very little world PvP. No attacking characters that are more than 2 levels lower than me or AFK or in PvE combat or turning in quests. Then I'll fight them once, and I'm willing to fight them more than once, but it's up to them to initiate the second combat.

    And never attack anyone who's being nice.

    Huh. Maybe I *am* playing World of Pillow-Fight Craft.

  10. I rolled on pvp servers because people I knew played on those servers. I really really hate being messed with while questing as I have a limited amount of time to spend on wow.

    recent ganking experience, borean tundra, blood elf dk killing people as they dismounted near the mammoth grave. He killed me as I got off the taxi, thought ok fair enough, he did it a second time and I saw him do it to other people, I decided thats it. I taxied back and was ready for him, he ran, so i stealth cat and follow, tracking him on my map. I wait for him to start questing and attacking mobs, BANG boomkin treants roots moonfire insect swarm and he takes a few steps towards me and dies. stealth, wait for him to rez, repeat. He did it to me twice, I did it to him twice, call me a bad person but I felt better that I was able to avenge myself


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