Friday, January 23, 2009

The Family Business, or "Yes, I Have Two Warcraft Blogs; Yes, This Makes Me a Huge Geek"

We've finally announced it to our guild, so now I'm announcing it to you!

I'm a co-writer with my guild leader on a blog about family guilds, updated every weekday. We write from a leadership point of view and hope to get some member writers from our guild to collaborate with us soon and write from their point of view.

The Family Business is a resource for people who are looking to be in guilds that won't dissipate at the first sign of trouble, that will survive way beyond the lifespan of any game, and that will foster friendships that last a life time.

Join us as we explore the highs and lows of guild leadership, person management, conflict resolution, and help us as we re-shape the WoW community into one that treats all with respect and dignity.

You . . . also get to see my face, since Teo thinks real writer photos make the blog feel more human. *blush* *hide* I tried to pick one that showed my hair to advantage, but there's still that pesky face to look at. >_>

I also go by my maiden name on that blog, which is what I plan to use when I get published (*wistful sigh*) because I'd like my Warcraft blog work to be able to connect (at least in a list of accomplishments) to my real life work.

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