Friday, January 23, 2009

New Header, or "No, Sylvanas is Not Admiring Me"

I decided to mock up a header image and Sylvanas is pretty and so are the frost nymphs, and then I needed to work Birdfall in somehow, so I decided that since Sylvanas is a "larger than life" character, and she has a lot of great detail, I'd make her big and put Birdfall in her hand like she could just crush me. Then I lightened Sylvanas and the nymph to make poor, less-detailed Birdfall and the text pop a little.

It's really a tribute to women rather than a pedestal for my character. If the blog wasn't named after Birdfall, she wouldn't be in there at all.

Husband says it's kind of tall, but we'll just have to suffer for the sake of pretty. *folds arms* Hmph!

Click the above to see the extra-large version.

This also means that WoW Model Viewer is back up and full of Wrath stuff. They do not have the most recent version on the website, though. If you'll read the updates, there's a separate host site because the creator isn't able to update the program right now. Just follow the link provided in the news.


  1. Your a saint. I missed WoW model viewer so much!

    ~ Gwyn x

  2. I love the new header x) AND thanks for the heads up on WMV being back up!!! <3

  3. I mustn't take all the credit -- my brother told me and his wife told him. :) I'm thrilled to report it, though!


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