Monday, January 26, 2009

Birdfall's Epic Mount, or "Hey, It Was Free"

When you do recruit-a-friend, if your friend pays for 2 months of the game, you get a very special mount. And while it's nice because it's free (and rare), I've since found that it's not entirely Birdfall's style. So the official story is that Birdfall's rambunctious sister, Latoria, met a peddler at Darkmoon Faire and got a really great deal.

(Click image for full size.)

Birdfall's job, for those of you who don't know, is basic reconnaissance for SI:7. She goes to places, checks them out, and returns with a report. But one of the keys is keeping a low profile. >_>


  1. Low Profile? With a Zhevra? No problem!


    My repair bill is HOW MUCH?!

  2. My poor wife's NE Warrior. She always has to play the ditz.

  3. Oh yah, can my new RP character -- Dksquidface (he's a Draenei Death Knight, btw) -- join your guild on MG?


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