Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wrath, or "Lag and Crashing Coming Soon"

Is it weird that I'm not particularly looking forward to the expansion? I mean, I'm ready for the dance studios and the new areas and a city that isn't perpetually overcast (/sigh Shattrath). But I could readily wait until the following Monday morning to start the level grind.

Because I dread the crowds. There's nothing that says "personal hell" quite like having an entire server stuffed into two small questing areas with the PVP turned on. Leveling to 70, I played during the tame hours, the hours when normal people are at work or school, and I didn't get ganked.


My guild is hoping to nullify a bit of that by questing in the same starting area, and my husband is taking two days off of work because he works from home and knows his own inclinations. I'm thinking if I can get my druid up high enough to start with the guild on Thursday, I'll be more or less protected.

Oh, wait, I'll be a poorly geared lower-level in the middle of a large crowd. It's a common practice to focus-fire the weakest in the crowd to get them down before the others retaliate.

Just cross your fingers for us poor PVP saps. At least I'll have stealth.

/comfort Paladins

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  1. Alex is taking off too! Yes! Too bad he's starting at 55... x/


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