Monday, November 17, 2008

Jubling, or "Alchoholic Frog Loves Beer"

I'm going to give you the fastest way to do this, thus no directions on how to get to the instance and wind your way through hostile mobs to the vendor you need.



Find someone with a Direbrew's Remote -- they would have gotten it from the Brewfest boss. Either ask (if they're in your guild) or pay (just a tip, really) someone to use it for you.

Join a party with said person.

Click on the tunneler when it arrives.

You'll arrive in the Grim Guzzler. There's one doorway and no hostile mobs. (Well, not unless you attack them.)

Go out the door and straight until you see stairs to your left. Go up them and left again. At the end of the platform, on an L-shaped ledge (surprise surprise, it's on the left), should be Plugger Spazzring with 10 Dark Iron Ale for sale. You only need 2, but you might as well be generous to your alts and friends.


Wait for a Darkmoon Faire to arrive somewhere (available on your calendar if you select Darkmoon Faire in the filters at the top right of that panel) and find Morja. Throw a Dark Iron Ale at her feet, the jubling by her will hop up to drink it, and she'll have a quest open up for you. Grab it, then turn in your other Dark Iron Ale and get an Unhatched Jubling Egg. Wait 1 week (stash the egg wherever you want, it's fine) for hatching, and the pet is yours.


  1. You can often buy Dark Iron Ale on the Auction House as well. On my realm it was about a gold per ale during the Faire. That cuts out the whole first part entirely. :>

  2. Very true. ^-^

    My server has a horrible economy, so I'm working with an AH that never has anything. On good servers, the price of the ale should be less than what I'd consider a decent tip (5g) -- if it's more than 5g for two, or if you have a guildmate willing to use their remote for free, I'd get it personally to save the money.

  3. So you post this the day after DMF ends?? /cry. I specifically was waiting for DMF also because I needed to buy the frogs again lol.

  4. So you post this the day after DMF ends??

    Sorry!! *wry* I went and got the ale this morning and tried to go to the Faire outside Shatt and realized it was over.

  5. We can do it next time so no worries. x) Elwynn Forest 12/8-12/14. Let's do it.

  6. I got extras. It can be an event!


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