Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flight Points of Northrend, or "Just Mount Up and Take the Repair Bills"

One thing I've learned in this game -- if you're afraid to go somewhere new because you might die, you'll never get anywhere.


Just follow the roads and road signs unless otherwise noted. Also note that these are not ALL the flight points in Northrend, just the ones that help you get from one starting area to the other (and to Dalaran). I used this map with Travel Paths and Names for Locations turned on. It's a good resource.

You might want to set your hearth to Shattrath or Dalaran, unless you're a mage, so you can head to the appropriate second starting area.

  • Orgrimmar
  • Warsong Outpost
  • North: Amber Ledge
  • North: Bor'gorok Outpost
  • North (optional): River's Heart
  • Undercity
  • Vengeance Landing
  • Northwest: Camp Winterhoof
  • Northwest: Conquest Hold
  • West: Venomspite
  • West: Wyrmrest Temple (between here and next fp is a gorge; you can run just south of it, there's a path)
  • West: Agmar's Hammer
  • North: Kor'kron Vanguard (Connects to Dalaran)
  • Stormwind
  • Valiance Keep
  • North-northwest: Amber Ledge
  • Northeast: Fizzcrank Airstrip
  • Ironforge --> Menethil Harbor
  • Valgarde
  • Northwest: Westguard Keep
  • North: Amberpine Lodge
  • West: Wintergarde Keep
  • West: Wyrmrest Temple (Connects to Dalaran)

These circuits were completed at level 70 on Dustfire (no deaths) and level 55 on Birdfall (5 deaths, no stealth).


  1. Lol, this post title made me laugh. I love to explore and am working on the title atm. But the other day I was running around and ended up in Grizzly Hills. (I am still 70) >.< All the while I was running around I was constantly worried about whether or not I would be dismounted and eaten alive.
    But one must not be scared indeed! If you are going to get anywhere the best way to do it is just run. It took me quite a bit to find a horde base in Grizzly Hills since I thought there was no way Blizz would make it easy and put the base anywhere near the Alliance base that was close to where I had entered in the first place. Horde bases tend to be off the beaten path anyway. Much to my suprise I passed it in the beginning of my trek and ended up exploring a good part of the Hills, but I didn't have any problems, it was fun. Mounting up to go somewhere also saves you money. ;)

  2. Another thing I found is that staying on the roads is the fastest way to travel if you're lower level than the area. People might think "Oh, I can cut through here" but they end up wasting 10-20 extra minutes because mobs are thicker and keep killing them.


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