Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Me, or "Yes, Half My Friends Aren't Talking To Me Anymore"

But it's just because they're jealous.

The Hippogryph Hatchling is a rare pet you can only obtain from the Trading Card Game (so... eBay). This summer, I found one for roughly $40 +shipping and talked my husband into letting me buy it for my druid. I added a condition to it: I would wait to use it until she hit 70, thus guaranteeing that I would play her and not waste the pet.

Then I got impatient and asked if I could have it on my birthday if I hadn't hit 70.

Then my husband said I could have it before my birthday if I just hit 60.

Then I logged on for 5 minutes today (not wanting to play too much on my birthday) and hit 60. I logged off cheerfully without realizing that I had completed both requirements for the pet.

But my husband remembered and reminded me. XD

So, I introduce to you the druid that will be my PVP main at 80 and the keeper of my new hatchling: Plum.

You might also recognize her from this post. ^-^

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