Thursday, November 13, 2008

Midnight Release, or "Why They Gotta Call It Lunar Fest If There Ain't No Dresses?"

Even though my copy of Wrath is "definitely" going to arrive in the mail tomorrow (I have the feeling the guard downstairs will get sick of seeing me dash down to check the packages list), I accompanied my husband and his best friend to pick up their copies.

I considered this not just a fun trip with the family but my duty as a female WoW player to be there and "represent."

Altogether, I counted 2 other women in a line of roughly 20 men. I talked the entire time to my husband, trying to set an example to the uneducated male peons around us that women play WoW and can be good at it. In the end, I babbled the following uninspiring things: "Is it girly to wish the Bath and Body Works was open?" (yes, but "it's okay because you are a girl"), "You know, if Frostmourne fit in my decorating scheme, I would have let you buy one" (the boys suggested that it would be good for a nursery), and "Yay, I can go home and install it and then... get ganked."

But it's all cool, since the only people who listened to me at all were the guys I came with plus one shivering and apathetic GameStop worker set to keep everyone from flooding the store. All twenty of us. He told us, quite simply, he'd rather be at home watching football.

So happy Wrath day everyone. Hope your leveling goes smoothly!


  1. Woot represent! lol I didn't get to a midnight release but went and grabbed my copy from Wal-Mart on lunch hour. I wish I could have gotten to a midnight release just to stand in line and wait for my copy, nobody ever thinks girls actually play for the most part.

  2. nobody ever thinks girls actually play for the most part

    Me Just Now: *turn to husband and his best friend as they talk about paladin talents* All girls on the internet are actually guys, yes?
    Husband's Best Friend: Yes.
    Husband: *nods* Mm-hm.
    Me: This includes me, right?
    HBF: 100%
    Husband: Pretty much.


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